Designing a t-shirt with buytshirtsonline

Designing a t-shirt with buytshirtsonline

We recently had the opportunity to have some fun designing a t-shirt with buytshirtsonline.  We were offered a t-shirt design kit which included a Fruits of the Loom t-shirt, a set of fabric paint pens and an iron on transfer.  What transfer would we like for our t-shirt?  Well it was a tough call between a digger and a tractor, so I left the decision to the team at buytshirtsonline.

Designing a t-shirt with buytshirtsonline

As soon as I opened the box and saw the green tractor transfer I knew Monkey would be over the moon.  It looks just like my John Deere tractors Mummy!

So the pressure was on!  I’ve never tried to fix transfers onto clothing before.  Please god, don’t let me screw this up now he’s seen it!!  Luckily the set came with some really clear instructions – phew!  I had to cut around the tractor image, leaving approx 5mm gap from the edge of the tractor all the way round.

Designing a t-shirt with buytshirtsonline

I followed the instructions to apply the transfer to the t-shirt using my iron and then waited for it to cool down.  Yes, I was sweating a little as I peeled the backing paper away, but it looked fab!

Designing a t-shirt with buytshirtsonline

It looked great and was all ready when Monkey got home from school.  I’d got the fabric paint pens out and thought he’d get straight down to designing a t-shirt with buytshirtsonline with a farm theme.

Designing a t-shirt with buytshirtsonline

But, children are nothing if not unpredictable.  No Mummy, I don’t want to paint my t-shirt, I love it, I’m saving it for my holiday and off he went.  Mother sighs, ok, that wasn’t in the plan.  Are you sure we can’t decorate it? No!

Plan B – ok, well, how about we decorate one of your other tops?  That passed with his approval, but I was left holding the pens.  You see, he’s a normal little boy, and he knows his own mind and sometimes nothing is going to change it.

So Mum was left to create some artwork, clearly I’m no Picasso or Monet!

Designing a t-shirt with buytshirtsonline

You can see N being far more obliging with his designing a t-shirt with buytshirtsonline over at Bubbablueandme.

Putting our little hiccup aside, we went to a birthday part last summer where the kids were decorating t-shirts and it went brilliantly.  Yes, of course, on that day, Monkey happily painted away.  Add in some transfer options too and I see this being a great idea for kids to enjoy an art activity.

Something I really like about this idea with buytshirtsonline is you know that the Fruits of the Loom t-shirt will wash well and won’t shrink.  It’s going to last and I can see Monkey spending all summer in his new tractor t-shirt, with or without added embellishments!

buytshirtsonline offer t-shirt printing, with either your own design or one of their own templates.  Well worth a visit if you have some fun events planned for this year and want to add a little twist.

disclaimer:  we were provided with the set mentioned in exchange for this review.




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  1. Love it. Thanks for mentioning mine – I can see that parental standard of artwork with fabric paint is similar!

    The transfers do look great, and much easier than I thought they’d be

  2. Nice blog! T-shirt design kit is a very good idea to spend some quality time with kids and develop their skills. I definitely going to buy this kit for my children’s. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog and please keep sharing.

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