Designing swimwear with Surania

Designing swimwear with Surania

Designing swimwear with Surania

We were approached back in June with the opportunity of designing swimwear with Surania. The European online retailer offer a ‘design your own’ selection of swimwear for all the family.

I don’t get much opportunity to wear a bikini these days, but there 12 style options for the bikini tops alone, before you even start looking at bottoms and the all important fabrics.  I did also spot that you can buy underwired bikini tops from Surania – a must for ‘Mrs Barely any boobs’! They also offer a range of Tankini’s and full swimsuits.  I finally decided to go with a Beach Dress as I liked the flexibility that would offer me, both on and off the beach or by the poolside, for future vacations.

There are a large number of fabric patterns available, as well as plain block colours.  I loved this design for the main part of the beach dress and picked a coordinating plain blue for the adjustable straps.

Designing swimwear with Surania

Once you’ve selected your preferred materials, you input your sizing – the simplified option asks for height (inches – I found this odd for a European seller) along with your bra size, and the dress size you would buy pants in.  For the detailed option you provide your height, waist, hips, bust and lower chest measurements – again, all in inches.  I went for the detailed option as my bust and hips really don’t belong on the same body!

Next up was Monkey.  I let him pick his one design and colour scheme, clearly this was a mistake as he pretty much duplicated the colourway of his existing swimsuit.  But the boy was not for changing.  He went for Boxer style shorts with a coordinating blue waistband. Again we went for the detailed measurement option and supplied his height, waist and hip measurements.

Ordered placed, it was just a case of waiting for our one-off pieces of swimwear to be delivered.  Now this is where we have a slight niggle.  I’m not sure if it was because our ordered was placed at the end of June and demand was high with the holiday season about to kick into full swing, but our order took 6 weeks to arrive via DHL.  The website states 15 days from date of order.

Designing swimwear with Surania

The stitching of both items looks good, the beach dress has elasticated bust support and adjustable straps as I’ve already mentioned.  The material is the same stretchy type fabric you get most beachwear in.

Designing swimwear with Surania

The shorts have a comfort insert too.  I would have expected both garments to have some sort of care label stitched into them – they didn’t.

Fit wise we were both pleased, as neither felt too tight or too loose, so we were both happy with our designer swimwear from Surania.  My beach dress cost £44.60 and Monkey’s boxer style swim shorts cost £14.95.  I do like the idea of being able to select really specific swimwear, especially as my top and bottom half measurements don’t equate to the same ‘dress size’, and it’s lovely to be able to select your own pattern too. You are paying a premium for this service.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items shown in exchange for an honest review.

4 thoughts on “Designing swimwear with Surania

  1. I like the sundress. When I looked I only saw the swimwear, no dresses. I just found too many options, and struggled to make a decision (plus I need pull you in swimwear). Monkey looks very grown up in his swim shorts.

  2. I love your dress. The pattern is great and it does look like a nice fit. Monkey’s trunks look like they fit really well too.

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