Dinner made easy with Marley Spoon

Dinner made easy with Marley Spoon – with reader discount offer

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just lose the inspiration when it comes to mealtimes, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, life is hectic and cooking isn’t always top of my agenda.  Well we got to try out a new experience last week. Dinner made easy with Marley Spoon – the recipe kit delivery company.  I was liking the idea of this before our delivery had even arrived!  Everything I would need to cook a meal, even the recipe and instructions.

Dinner made easy with Marley Spoon

Dinner made easy with Marley Spoon as I received a recipe card with full instructions, meat, vegetables, herbs and even mayonnaise and mustard!  We would be having Rump Steak Sandwiches with summer coleslaw and chips for dinner.  I received 2 packs, which would be enough for 4 people.  This would probably be my only criticism  – there isn’t an option to select 3 people on the Marley Spoon website.  But we do have large appetites in this household, so no one was really complaining.

Everything is received fresh to your door and the meat was well insulated in regenerative sheep’s wool and reusable cooling pads.

Dinner made easy with Marley Spoon

I received my delivery on Wednesday afternoon, but wasn’t going to have the opportunity to cook the Marley Spoon recipe until Friday.  Apart from the rocket, which was certainly relieved to be used then, everything else was still looking very fresh.

The recipe card is easy to follow, gives you clear instructions and pictorial guides which I always find offer reassurance. There is also information on cooking time, attributes and calories per person.

All of the ingredients are pre-sorted, so you have the exact amount of everything you will need.  So scales required!

For some reason my chips just didn’t want to colour up – not enough oil maybe?  I ended up leaving them in the oven for longer but they still didn’t want to turn.  But other than that I found dinner made easy with Marley Spoon.

I often make my own coleslaw but have never thought to add mustard to the mayonnaise – I will from now on – that was lovely.  My 5 year old Monkey loves garlic and he’d have happily just eaten the toasted ciabatta that had been rubbed with garlic before I’d added the slices of steak.  He’s not a fan of lettuce and rocket so I made him a plain steak sandwich, but he ate everything else.

It was a good meal choice for us, Daddy P could have his steak well done whilst I prefer mine medium rare.  It certainly made a change to not have to think about a specific meal and all the ingredients I would need to go with it.

So how does Marley Spoon work?  Each week 7 new recipes are provided and you can pick your selection preference; such as meat, fish, vegetarian, then you select the number of people (as I mentioned earlier – odd numbers would be useful – 3 in our family, 5 in my brothers) and the number of meals you require.  The meals cost from £5.50 per meal including delivery and there is no waste.

It’s an idea which I think could work for so many families living hectic lifestyles and I really like the idea of only receiving the exact amount of what you need for each recipe.

Now I’ve got some good news to share with you – the first 50 readers who place their first order with Marley Spoon will each receive a £25.00 discount – just use code: Mary&Marley when placing your order.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

5 thoughts on “Dinner made easy with Marley Spoon – with reader discount offer

  1. This looks like such a great idea and the meals look yummy! Never heard of them so off to investigate x

  2. That looks like a great idea with lovely fresh ingredients. I think these would be great for the weekend for easy cooking and also something a bit different from what you would normally cook!

  3. This is right up my street. I would agree on the odd numbers for planning, but Hubby is a big eater so he would be happy if I ordered for four people.

  4. We’d end up needing it for 4 because the OH eats big portions. Good to see it’s £5.50 a meal. I read a post earlier in the week which said £5.50 a person and I was flabergasted.

    I think Mr P and my OH must have been separated at birth! Workaholics, big portions, well done steak vs mine medium-rare.

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