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Dino Bite game review and giveaway AD

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Like most boys (and a lot of girls too) a nearly 4-year-old boy here is fascinated with Dinosaurs.  The Triceratops is currently his favourite, and we often having roaring competitions – me versus my son, versus his toy dinosaurs.  So when Drumond Park asked us if we’d like to try their Dino Bite game I thought it would be a sure-fire hit.

Dino Bite is a game for 2-4 players aged 4 years and over.  Now obviously my son is at the very bottom end of the age range for this game (he’ll be 4 in December), but I felt confident he would understand how to play the game quickly and that we would definitely have lots of fun playing it.

You need to assemble the game (easy to do) and you will need 2 x AA batteries (these are not included)

Once you’ve assembled the game (a matter of seconds) put your batteries in and pushed your Dinosaur back, you place the Dino eggs in the nest under the leaf.  There are 20 eggs in total, in blue, red, green and yellow.

Dino Bite Game


You are now ready to see just how brave you are! Can you rescue the Baby Dino eggs before the T-Rex Dinosaur realises, roars and bites! As you play Dino Bites, you listen to the sounds of the jungle, a really clever little extra, and the tension builds.

Each player takes it in turn to roll the dice …..

Dino Bites Game

…  and then attempts to remove the correct coloured baby dino egg from the nest, under the nose (or should I say jaws!) of the T-Rex.  If you land on this multicoloured side, you can choose which coloured egg you would like to rescue.  There is also a side where you need to miss a turn.

Dino Bite game Dino Bite game

My son did struggle a bit with the Dino tweezers and ended up using his fingers.  But, this game is great for improving manual dexterity – I’ll be interested to see how his skills improve in the months ahead.  The Dino Bite game also teaches colour recognition, turn-taking and counting skills as we kept a note of the eggs we’d saved.

Each player takes their turn to rescue an egg, if the Dino stays still, the player keeps their egg and passes the tweezers to the next player (clockwise direction).  Watch out!  If the T-Rex roars and bites, then you are out of the game!  Play continues until there is only one player left who didn’t get caught by the fierce Dino.

I was slightly concerned about how he would react to the noise of the Dino roar and him moving and biting – but he LOVED it!  It led to a lot of dino roaring for the rest of the afternoon and calls of ‘more Mummy, I want to play again’.  It’s a hit!

Dino Bite Game

It wasn’t too long before the T-Rex spotted us snatching his eggs! Roar!

Dino Bite Game

Priced at £19.99, we’d thoroughly recommend this game, we’ve had lots of fun already. Knowing that my son is at the bottom of the age range means we have years of fun ahead of us with the Dino Bite Game.


The lovely team at Drumond Park have kindly offered you guys the chance to win the Dino Bite game – complete the rafflecopter to enter – good luck!Dino Bite game


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  3. chocoholicmummysaurus …. very long name but sometimes you need a long name to get you through the day! 😉

  4. My son says I would be Stinkysaurus! (His favourite book is currently “Yikes, Stinkysaurus!” I can assure you it’s not because I stink!)

  5. OctoMum as i need to become a dinomum with 8 arms the amount of things the kids all want at the same time arrrrrrrr

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