Dino Time

Dino Time DVD – review

You may have noticed that I’ve got a giveaway live at the moment to win a Dino Time DVD.  Well Monkey and I have been catching up with the action ourselves and any dinosaur fan is going to love it.  The film is released in cinemas on 22nd May and the Dino Time DVD comes out on 1st June.

Dino Time

We follow Ernie, his kid sister Julia and his best friend Max as they end up in the land of the dinosaurs.  Max’s Dad is a bit of an inventor and he has a time machine in his garage, it’s never worked until the children mess around and oops, they end up landing in the nest of a T-Rex called Tyra.  Luckily for them, she thinks they are her children.  As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve actually swapped places with her real egg, which is now sitting in the garage.

The Dino Time DVD lasts for 86 minutes and is rated PG.

Ernie, Julia and Max get into all sorts of adventures as they try to find the key to the time machine so they can return home.  Back in the present day Max’s Dad tries to make a new time machine with the help of Ernie’s Mum so they can rescue them.  But they have their own problem as Tyra’s real baby hatches.

Tyra appears to be a lovable T-Rex, she looks after the orphan dinosaurs and rules over the Upper Valley.  The baddies of the film are the Sarco Brothers, who rule the Lower Valley and want to  depose Tyra and take over.  Needless to say there are some scarier moments as the children try to help Tyra in her battles and Monkey wasn’t too keen on this part.

But there’s a good message in the story, the children have the opportunity to get away, and back to their real-time, but decide to stay and help Tyra in a moment of need.

I won’t ruin the end for you, but this is a great film and I’m sure we’ll be watching it on repeat for a while yet!

disclaimer:  we were sent this DVD in exchange for an honest review

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