Dinosaur - A Photicular Book

Dinosaur – A Photicular Book (review and giveaway)

My son may be turning nine in December, but he’s still as interested in dinosaurs as he ever has been.  He is a walking encyclopedia of dino facts, so when I saw Dinosaur – A Photicular Book recently I knew he’d love the its unique appeal.

Dinosaur - A Photicular Book

Published through Workman Publishing last month, Dinosaur – A Photicular Book is written by Kathy Wollard and brought to life by Dan Kainen.  The book showcases eight different dinosaurs and as you turn the pages they start to wake up and move in front of your eyes.

Dinosaur - A Photicular Book

The book uses Photicular® technology that acts a little like a 3-D movie to show these prehistoric animals moving in front of your eyes.

Dinosaur - A Photicular Book

Dinosaur - A Photicular Book

It gives a really clever visual effect and a different angle that any dinosaur fan will enjoy as well as the information that’s written about each of the eight dinosaurs.

Dinosaur - A Photicular Book

Dinosaur – A Photicular Book has kept my son well entertained since it arrived, he loves moving the pages slowly to animate Stegosaurus and to see the Eoraptor eating from a bush.  The book gives children an idea of how these ancient creatures moved, and gives them a different insight into these long extinct animals.  It’s been a big hit here.

I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).  If you have a dinosaur fan in your household I’m sure they’ll enjoy Dinosaur – A Photicular Book.

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I’ve teamed up with Workman Publishing to offer one lucky reader the chance to win Dinosaur – A Photicular Book worth £19.99.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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Dinosaur – A Photicular Book worth £19.99

148 thoughts on “Dinosaur – A Photicular Book (review and giveaway)

  1. I like the triceratops,its the only one other than T-Rex that I can identify as it has three horns so therefore fits its name

  2. the brontosaurus has always been my favourite dinosaur because i used to have a cuddly teddy version when i was a kid

  3. T- Rex, easiest dinosaur name to remember. Children so keen on dinosaurs, me :- I need to increase my knowledge of the topic.

  4. WWe are such a dinosaur family. I was obsessed with dinosaurs as a child and kind of forced it on my son by having his nursery all set up with dinosaur stuff for when he was born. And it worked! Anyway, my favourite dinosaur is a Parasauralophus, because it always has been. I’ve loved it since I was a kid, I think initially because I loved the herbivores, due to becoming a vegetarian when I was young and feeling an affinity, but also, it’s just so cute looking!

  5. My favourite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus! I’ve always loved how the word / name sounds and I love the squared spikes on their back!

  6. Tyrannasarous – no matter how much i try I can never spell these words – I need to go back to school

  7. I love the ankylosaur. It has a huge hammer tail and spikes on its back, I just love the way it looks!

  8. I always like the T-Rex not sure why, perhaps because they seem so epic apart from the teeny arms but those give them character! x

  9. T-rex because there is a Christmas song, by a group called the lovely eggs, about dinosaurs at Xmas and its called Tyrannosaurus rex for Christmas, which always gets us in the festive mood

  10. I have always like the stegosaurus since I had some chicken shaped ones at school when I was younger

  11. I’ve loved the diplodocus ever since my first visit to the natural history museum as a child.

  12. iraptor because they are quick nimble agile crafty and work as a team essentially the wolves of the dinosaur world

  13. Diplodocus. Such a large gentle, vegtarian! Loved them ever since I saw Dippy at the Natural History Museum.

  14. Diplodocus because I imagine they are friendlier than most dinosaurs! (Commenting as Jacqui Rushton)

  15. Stegosaurus! I’ve always loved how the word / name sounds and I love the squared spikes on their back!

  16. I would have to say the Spinosaurus as it is my sons favourite as he loves it can go on land or in the water

  17. My favourite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus! I’ve always loved their name and I love the squared spikes on their back

  18. i love the icthyasauros (maybe not spelt quite right!) as i saw one being dug up on the beach at Lyme Regis once

  19. It has to be the T-Rex, large, loud and terrifying – just like this mummy LOL. This would be amazing to win for my boys my fingers and toes are crossed

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