Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures

Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures

As you know Monkey is obsessed with dinosaurs, and he loves the TV show Dinosaur Train on Nick Jr.  If you haven’t watched it, it has a very catchy theme tune, which is often to be found in my head!  Anyway, I digress, the lovely people at Tomy know of Monkey’s obsession and thought they’d keep him occupied with a couple of their Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures.

Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures

We received the Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures – The Conductor and Alvin.  These toys are aimed at children aged 3 years and over.  They can be played with separately but the fun really starts when you put them together!

SmartTalk technology means Mr Conductor ….. and Alvin can recognize and interact with other dinosaurs in the range.

Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures

Mr Conductor is a Trodoon and he is Buddy’s (main character) friend in the Dinosaur Train TV series.  He needs 2 x AAA batteries (which are included) and can say over 40 sounds and phrases in either English or Spanish (there is a button to select your required language).  I can see these toys coming to Granny and Gramps the next time we visit so Monkey can play with their Spanish neighbours.  Use the button on the side of Mr Conductor’s jacket to select language or sounds only.

You press the button on Mr Conductors pocket watch and it will light up and he talks and sings.

Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures

The button on his cap makes his jaws open and sometimes he roars, chuckles or makes other sounds.

Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures 

His legs, head and arms are moveable and he can even clip the train ticket in his hand with the claw on his foot.  Monkey loved this idea.

Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures

I didn’t tell  Monkey that Mr Conductor and Alvin would talk to each other, I wanted to see his reaction when it happened.  So he was quite happy playing with the individually to start with.

Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures

Alvin is a rather colourful Allosaurus who can say over 50 phrases and sounds (he is bilingual too). There is a button on Alvin’s tail to select language or sounds only. He can pounce forward on his hind legs too by pressing the button on his back.  He also requires 2 x AAA batteries which are included.

Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures

This went down very well with Monkey.

All of a sudden Monkey put the toys together, pressed Alvin’s head, he said something and then Mr Conductor added something to the conversation all by himself.  Monkey doesn’t have any other toys that work like this, he was amazed. Mummy they talked to each other!!

The interaction isn’t continuous but it’s great fun pressing a button and waiting to see what they will say to each other. Personally I’d like to see more interaction, but Monkey is happy enough and presses away until one talks to the other.  He loves the fact that Alvin can jump too and imitates him a lot!

Both of the Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures come with instruction leaflets and the toys go into ‘sleep’ mode when not played with; just press one of the buttons to wake them up.

Mr Conductor retails for £15.99 and Alvin for £25.99.  I can see lots of dinosaur fans loving these Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures this Christmas.

disclaimer:  we were sent these items in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. These look a lot of fun – my son loves dinosaurs too! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. These look great, and how clever is toy technology now?! It looks like your Monkey really did enjoy playing with the Dinosaurs, and considering what’s on offer I think they’re a good price point.
    Popping over from #TriedanTested

  3. These look like great fun! I LOVE that you let him discover the features for himself – I know Ben would love that they talked to each other too!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

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