Discovering Architecture

Discovering Architecture – AD sent for review and giveaway

My son has an interest in engineering that started with trains and anything related to Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  He may only be nine, but anything to do with bridges and construction has held his interest for some time now.  Last half term he was learning about Ancient Egypt and as that’s a great passion of mine, we’ve been watching a series of programmes about the Egyptians and their building methods.  I knew he’d enjoy looking at Discovering Architecture by Eduard Altarriba and Berta Bardi I Mila.

Discovering Architecture

The 48 page hardback book Discovering Architecture is aimed at children aged 8 years and over and covers the history of architecture through the ages right up to ideas for the future. It’s published through Button Books.

My son has seen all of books about the Ancient Egyptians and photos I’ve taken on my travels.  We’re both still in awe of the pyramid builders and their creations.

Discovering Architecture

He learned about the Romans in Year Three and we’ve visited a number of Roman ruins both at home and abroad over the last few years. In Discovering Architecture the illustrations give children a clear understanding of how structures have been put together across the years and information on inventions such as the thermal baths and aqueducts that we can still see evidence of today.

Discovering Architecture

Domes from around the world are featured including the Pantheon which still stands from the time of the Ancient Greeks through to the Hagia Sophia in Turkey and St Paul’s Cathedral in London.  My son has grown up with me always taking photos of buildings, so he’s always asked questions as we’ve visited different places.

As well as learning about different structures, Discovering Architecture also introduces children to the creators of these buildings and how their concepts are still used today.

My son loves anything related to the Industrial Revolution and has seen how mass production has helped design move forward.

Discovering Architecture

The book is full of information and ideas to make children think about what they can see around them. Design is such a fundamental part of our lives without us even realising it.

Discovering Architecture Discovering Architecture

We always marvel at the buildings in London whenever we visit and my son still talks about our visit up the Shard, and the views across London.  He’s seen my photos of the Eiffel Tower and the Petronas Towers and our friend’s photos of Burj Khalifa and the other extraordinary buildings that are constantly being erected in Dubai.  One day hopefully he’ll get to see a few of them for himself.

Discovering Architecture

Discovering Architecture is a great addition to our bookshelf and one I can see my son coming back to a lot in the years ahead.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below (I earn from qualifying purchases) for your reference.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned for the purpose of review, my comments remain my own honest thoughts.

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Discovering Architecture worth £12.99

104 thoughts on “Discovering Architecture – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. “The Agel of the North” because it is beautiful and meaningful and it really moves me.

  2. Blackpool tower – the skill to build without today’s technology makes it pretty unique

  3. Almost impossible to choose between The London Eye and The Angel of the North. I am in awe of both. Amazing. Beautiful. Brilliant.

  4. Big ben is my favourite because it is just so iconic and I love the sound of the bells.

  5. Uluru is my favourite, because I’ve always wanted to see it for myself.

  6. Edinburgh castle. It’s such an imposing site looking up from Princes Street gardens.

  7. love tower bridge. First time we stayed in London our hotel room overlooked it and it made me fall in love with london

  8. The Tower of London as it’s a remarkable fortress standing majestically on the North Bank of the River Thames.

  9. Stonehenge. It astounds me how to rocks got there in the first place and is really magical xx

  10. Mine is The Liver Building, I adore Liverpool, the City, the people and the Football! I love the Liver Birds that watch out of the River Mersey, it is my favourite City and my favourite Building.

  11. Big Ben, London, United Kingdom. As practical :- Clock, so accurate for time. Iconic / well known, recognised. Often seen :- On tv, such as ten o’clock news, etc. Also chimes in each New Year. Feels like part of the family :- Welcome, etc.

  12. Probably the Taj Mahal, because it’s got a beautiful curved shape and it looks very romantic

  13. The Empire State building, the art deco structure of this building is just beautiful inside and out.

  14. I love Big Ben because It is so familiar and a landmark that we all look out for and recognise!

  15. I love Sangrada Famillia it is so stunning and i love the fact it took so long to build and to this day work is still being made on its building

  16. any UK lighthouse, permanent sea view,amazing birds and heaven to live somewhere like that

  17. I love the cathedrals in Liverpool, they are amazing to stand in and just take it all in, the tour is really interesting too but the buildings are just magnificent

  18. The Acropolis, when you see it up close it si amazing they could build something so elaborate so long ago

  19. I love Big Ben, my girls always ask where it is when we go into London and they know where other places are from there.

  20. I love The Angel of the North. She just stands there watching over everyone as they drive up the A1

  21. Love the Tower of London, there are so many different forms of architecture added over centuries that it’s an amazing maze of different styles and buildings xx

  22. Natural History Museum in London – I’ve just loved the design since I was a small child and it sparked my interest in Architecture and led me to studying it at university.

  23. I myself am very much obsessed with Brunel and architecture! So great that your son is getting into it in such an early age. That sounds like a fantastic book. Thanks so much for sharing the title and the review! ( not participating in the giveaway 🙂 )


  24. I know this may sound cheesy but it is the pyramids. It is overwhelming how they managed to construct such impressive structures with no machinery and that they are still standing solid structures with a history that is just so colourful. I went inside one a bit claustrophobic, dark and steep but so worth it just to get a different perspective. I went before the Arab Spring and hopefully it will get back to its old self in time

  25. We all love the Big Ben! After reading some interesting facts about it, we appreciate it even more! X

  26. Stonehenge because when I see it on the A303, I know I’m halfway between home and my heart place of Dartmoor.

  27. I love the London Eye as I remember it being built while I was working in a building on the other side of the Thames.

  28. Eilean Donan Castle – such a dreamy or such a scary place – it can be what ever you want it to be or it could be whatever you don’t want it to be !

  29. The Tower of London as it’s one of the cleverest structures ever built. My next favourite for its cleverness has to be the pyramids

  30. I love the Eiffel Tower as it reminds me of a picnic we had near by on a holiday to Paris when I was younger!

  31. Spitfire Island in Birmingham. The sculpture is fantastic and location is right next to the previous spitfire factory

  32. The Tower of London, the amount of history that’s there, from the Normans, the Tudors and right the way through to WWII and the modern day. Iconic.

  33. My favourite Landmark has to be Big Ben – it’s just so iconic and everyone recognises that as related to London.

  34. It has to be the Eiffel Tower it’s such an amazing structure with so much presence

  35. We love the Eiffel Tower. I was there last week and loved seeing it as part of the skyline wherever we went.

  36. The markethall in Budapest as it is so grand and beautiful and brings back so many memories

  37. I love the Birmingham Library. My son wants to be an architect and he says it’s a building he wished he had designed!

  38. St Pancras Station, London. The exterior is slightly hogwartian then you have the amazing domed roof inside, a lot like the roof at the British Museum.

  39. The Sydney Opera house because I’ve spend a lot of time in Sydney. It’s unmistakable.

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