Disney Pixar The Good Dinosaur with TOMY

Disney Pixar The Good Dinosaur with TOMY

We took Monkey to see The Good Dinosaur the weekend it was released and apart from a couple of bits he found a bit scary, he really enjoyed the film.  We’ve been reliving Disney Pixar The Good Dinosaur with TOMY, and a couple of their toys which have recently been released.  We received the Galloping Butch and Arlo Mask to have some fun with.

Disney Pixar The Good Dinosaur with TOMY

We were all rather surprised to discover that Butch was a good guy when we watched The Good Dinosaur and Monkey was rather taken with him so I know the Galloping Butch toy from Tomy would go down rather well.

Disney Pixar The Good Dinosaur with TOMY

Galloping Butch is aimed at children aged 3 years and over and required 3 x AA batteries, which are included, to work.  The tip of his tail needs to be attached once he’s been removed from the packaging, but then you are ready to have some fun.

Push down on Butch’s front legs to hear him talk and make sounds, and hold the button down on his tail to gallop around the room with him.  We didn’t realise to start with that you actually need to keep holding Butch, and keep the button pressed to see him gallop, he can’t do it by himself.  Monkey was a little disappointed with the galloping feature as he’d expected the T-Rex to move by himself.  A younger child may be happier with this though. You can see Butch galloping in the video below.

He’s very realistic to the film character and sturdy, so even younger children will be able to have fun without fear of breaking him.

I was slightly concerned when I first saw the Arlo Mask as I wasn’t sure Monkey would wear it.  He doesn’t mind dressing up at home, but he’s never been keen on anything on his face.  Would the thought of being an Apatosaurus change his mind?

Disney Pixar The Good Dinosaur with TOMY

No more a Monkey, more a Dinosaur!  He’s actually been rather taken with his mask, and especially the teeth, nothing like a gentle roar with a hinged jaw.

Disney Pixar The Good Dinosaur with TOMY

The mask is suitable for children aged 3 years and over and has an adjustable velcro head and jaw strap. The mask itself is made of durable plastic. Arlo’s jaw is meant to move as you open and close your mouth, but Monkey couldn’t get this to work properly, the jaw strap looked as if it needed re-positioning to fit his jaw, but then it wouldn’t work with the design.  But he was happy taking matters into his own hands.  His real niggle was with the face mask section on the inside of the mask. He found that the bridge of his nose hurt very quickly when he wore the mask, and looking at it, I think it could be improved with a bit of padding rather than a hard plastic surround.

Monkey’s still had fun with the Arlo Mask, but in short bursts, rather the prolonged dinosaur play. This would be a real winner if the padding issue was resolved.

Galloping Butch retails for £34.99 (I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below as it’s on special offer at the moment for £26.50) and the Arlo Mask is available for £12.99.

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  1. They look great, I love TOMY toys. It’s a shame about the mask but I find that is quite a common problem with children’s masks.

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