Dobble Kids

Dobble Kids – a review

Dobble Kids

You may remember earlier this year we reviewed Dobble for Esdevium Games.  It’s been a big hit here, but as it’s aimed for those over the age of 6 years, we’ve had to adapt it for a 4 year old Monkey.  Well we don’t need to do that anymore!  He now has his own version – Dobble Kids, aimed at children aged 4 years and over.

Dobble Kids

As with the older version, Dobble Kids is a great game to take on holiday as the playing cards fit neatly into the compact little storage tin.

Dobble Kids

To make life easier for younger children the cards for Dobble Kids just feature animals, 6 different ones of varying sizes on each card.

Dobble Kids

As with the main Dobble, there are 5 mini games to play with Dobble Kids and the game can be played with 2-5 players.  All work on building observation skills as any two cards only have one animal in common – but they are likely to be different sizes.

Dobble Kids

We’ve been trying Dobble Kids out over the last week.  This version of the game is great for younger children like Monkey as the characters on the cards are far more recognisable for them.  As we’ve been playing it with just the two of us, we’ve played at a slow pace so Monkey can understand and enjoy the game play.  As he gets the hang of it we can work on building up the pace of play.  At the moment it’s just about him having fun.

In Hide and Seek you place 4 cards face up in front of each child and 6 in front of each adult.  You place a further card face up in the middle of the table.  The aim of this really simple mini game is to be the first player with all their cards face down.

Dobble Kids

Everyone plays at the same time, so as so as you say Go – everyone tries to find a matching animal from one of their cards and the card in the middle.  When a player find a match, they shout out the name of the animal and turn their playing card over.  Play continues until one player has found all the matching animals and turned all of their cards over.  This game is ideal as an introduction to Dobble Kids, it’s fun and can be played really quickly; keeping the attention of younger children.  Older kids will love it too as they can play at a faster place.

The Five Fingers of a hand mini game is set up in the same way as Hide and Seek, but in this game you want to end up with no cards.  Again, everyone plays at the same time.  Be the first to call out a matching animal from your play card and place on top of the middle card.  Continue until one player has played all of their cards.  The extra fun with this game is that the animals change every time a new card is placed on the central pile.

In The Tower of Doom you place one card face down in front of each player and use the remaining cards for a draw pile facing up in the centre of the table.  Win the game by being the player with the most cards taken from the draw pile.  On Go, each player turns their card over and try to be the first to find a match with the top card from the draw pile. The fastest player claims the card, and play commences until all cards have been ‘won’ from the draw pile.

The Well sees all of the cards from Dobble Kids being dealt out equally amongst the players, with the last card being placed face up in the middle of the table.  Shuffle your cards and make your own draw pile with cards face down.  You want to be the fastest to get rid of your cards.  I have to be honest, this is not Monkey’s favourite version of the game so we’ll try this one again in the future.

The Unwelcomed Gift  definitely teaches children about fair play.  You each receive one card face down with the remaining cards face up in the draw pile.  The aim is to be the player with the fewest cards at the end of the game.  On Go, all players turn their cards over and you look for a match between the centre card and another player’s card.  The unlucky player then receives the card from the most observant player.  A new card is revealed from the centre pile and game continues.  Monkey was fine with this game when he was winning, but not so happy when his pile was growing!

All in all we think this is a great game, and is just as playable with other children and adults.  It’s also a great introduction to the faster paced Dobble.  We can recommend it.

Monkey actually enjoys playing with Dobble Kids by himself, happily amusing himself playing his own version of Snap! whilst I’m making lunch.  It will certainly be coming away with us when we visit a friend next month.

Dobble Kids retails for £12.99 and you can click through on my affiliate link below to buy from Amazon – it’s reduced at the moment!

disclaimer:  we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I love the dobble set and so glad now they have a version for younger children. It is so fun!

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