Dobble – a game review and giveaway

DobbleWhen I visited the Toy Fair at Olympia with The Soup Dragon Says, back in January, we visited the Esdevium Games stand.  We were treated to a demo of Dobble.  It’s a highly addictive card game, and judging by our display on the stand, we both were in need of some serious practice!

Dobble Dobble

Dobble is aimed at anyone over the age of 6 years, there are 5 versions of play, it’s fast-moving, it’s really rather good fun.  You can play with 2-8 players, or you could play in teams.  If you want to be super competitive you could hold a Dobble Tournament with points.

DobbleAs the tin, and playing cards are fairly small, I decided that Dobble would be an ideal game to take to Spain.  Whenever we visit my parents, we always end up getting the UNO out, this would be something a little different.  Perhaps I could improve my observation skills.

Dobble Dobble

The 55 playing cards, each display 8 pictures, there is always a matching picture on any two cards.  The match might be ice/igloo or an exclamation mark.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  The pictures are different sizes on each card, trust me, you really do have to concentrate, add in speed, and other players and the fun really begins.

Daddy P and I played each of the five versions of Dobble with my parents.  I really expected my Dad, with his massive attention to details, to excel at all versions.  I thought my Mum, bless her, would struggle.  Well, I have to say, as an experiment, it was really interesting.  All four of us excelled at different versions, it really was surprising.

My favourite game is The Poisoned Gift.  The object of the game is to be the player who has gained the fewest cards from the draw pile when the game ends.

Shuffle the cards, place one face down in front of each player and make a draw pile with the remaining cards, which will be placed face up in the middle of the table.

DobbleWhen ‘Go’ is called out, the players flip their card face up.  Each player must spot the identical symbol between the card of any other player and the card from the draw pile.  The first player to find an identical symbol names it, draws the middle card and places it on top of the concerned player’s card.  By taking this card, a new card is revealed on the centre pile.

The game continues until all of the cards from the draw pile have been taken.  The winner is the one with the fewest cards.

Dobble Dobble

We had a great time teaching Mum and Dad the various versions of Dobble.  It was great that Dad didn’t win every one!  I redeemed my failure at the Toy Fair, with quite a good run of wins.  Even Mum enjoyed Dobble, especially when she beat Dad!  As the games are fast-moving, they don’t take too long to complete, so it’s great fun to try out all of the versions.

Dobble is designed to be played by anyone over the age of 6.  I always like to challenge the rules!  Monkey is 4 years old, we don’t play Dobble to any of the rules, it’s not a really fast speed game, when we play together.  We play it as a version of Snap, something to build up his observational skills.  As I’ve mentioned before the pictures are different sizes from one card to another.  He really has to focus, we work together, but he is really enjoying it.  So for us, Dobble really is the perfect family game.  I love the compactness of it.  It fits in my bag, it can go anywhere with us.  We are hooked.

For more information on Esdevium Games and the range on offer why not like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  They really do have games to suit all.  There is even a version of Dobble available to download onto your iPhone or iPad – just visit the AppStore.

I have some great news to share with you!  I can offer one lucky reader the chance to win Dobble for themselves.  If that’s not enough, my good friend The Soup Dragon Says, is also running a giveaway, so you have two chances to win!

Now if you’re not lucky enough to win either of our giveaway’s, don’t worry, Dobble is available from Amazon, just click on the link below to purchase. (You can also read what other people think of this great game, there too).

disclaimer:  we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review.

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147 thoughts on “Dobble – a game review and giveaway

  1. I love Top Trumps! My kids have various sets now and playing that game reminds me of when I was little playing with my parents and siblings! I remember the dinosaur top trumps were my favourite all those years ago and I was always convinced one of the huge water dinosaurs was The Loch Ness Monster!

  2. We love Newmarket, we play for jelly crocodiles and the children love lining up their winnings before they eat them

  3. Oh I love Uno and we recently bought Linkee after seeing it on Dragons Den, I may have to add this one to our collection! x

  4. I love the card game stop the bus because my Grandmother taught me and let me use real 2ps to play with!

  5. i love playing rummy always reminds me of being a kid playing it with my dad on a sunday night

  6. My little one is still getting the hang of card games… so we play snap but I can’t wait until he gets the hang of uno. Played dobble at a friend’s house. .. loads of fun although I was terrible!

  7. we love to play dominoes with cards its great fun and the kids are always trying to outwit the dults by holding onto certain cards

  8. I love Blackjack, it is so addictive, secretive and thrilling. I love playing it with my husband and friends.

  9. UNO has always been my top card game of choice – it’s simple and fun (like me *cheeky grin*)

  10. Magic The Gathering been playing it for years, and its a very skilful trading card game, and I love entering tournaments, as well as trading the cards

    1. because it’s quicker & easier to play than the board game and takes up less room in the house! It’s fun too 🙂

  11. My favourite is poker – but when I’m playing with my niece her favourite is pairs – now i don’t know how she does it but she doesn’t need to concentrate at all and she knows exactly where they are – my brother used to be exactly the same – I on the other hand am not!

  12. Cards against humanity. If you have not heard of it, look at reviews on Amazon. Insults everyone!! Everyone goes home exhausted where we have laughed so much.

  13. We like to play “Snap!” because we can shout and get really excited when playing the game

  14. I like Donkey as my little girl is so delighted when someone else ends up with the donkey card and falls about laughing shouting ‘eeyore!’

  15. I like playing top trumps with my son.He particulary like the dinosaur ones and they are full of information which is teaching them as well as having fun

  16. We like the Monopoly Card Game, because it is quite skillful, but it seems we all capable of winning 🙂

  17. We play a game called Slippery Ann which is almost the opposite of trumps. It’s great, but my son is not quite old enough for it yet! We love playing New Market, we play with matchsticks.

  18. I like snap 🙂 my granny used to play it with me when I was small and now I play it with my kids 🙂

  19. Oh gosh I have forgotton how to play card games! But one I always liked and do still remember is solitaire x

  20. I love playing snap with my daughter Gracie as she gets really excited and it really makes her smile and laugh!

  21. Patience as I used to play this with my gran as a little girl and now I play it with my own daughter.

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