Don’t Rock The Boat

Don’t Rock The Boat

We’ve been having so much fun with a new game we’ve just discovered. Don’t Rock The Boat is a game from University Games for children aged 5 years and over and Monkey loves it.

Don’t Rock The Boat

The game consists of a pirate ship, 3 masts, a 2 piece wave, and 16 pirate penguins.  It’s super quick to put together, and no batteries are needed either.

The game can be played with 2-4 players and is a great test of fine motor skills as you try to add penguins to the boat whilst keeping the boat balanced.  It sounds easy, but there is a definite skill to it.

To say that Monkey loves this game is an understatement.  He actually doesn’t care if he loses and his penguins plunge into the deep, dark ocean.  He thinks its hilarious, just trying to balance them.  A favourite position is trying to get a penguin up into the crow’s nest without going overboard. How many penguins can you place on the pirate ship before they fall overboard?

Don’t Rock The Boat

There’s skill in this balancing game, its tactical and fast paced, and can be enjoyed by all the family.  Game play is relatively short, but it’s so easy to set up again, that we’ve spent ages on this game every time we’ve got it out of the box.

I think Don’t Rock the Boat makes a perfect after school activity, it’s quick and just simply fun.  It’s also worth noting that when you’ve finished playing the game, the masts and wave are easy to dismantle and everything is easily stored in the box.

What could make this game better?  Monkey would love to see it come complete with a plank.  Not only have we played the game by the rules, but Monkey has happily created a whole little imaginary play world with the game.  This Instagram video had me chuckling away. (Note added Playmobil planks for a bit of swashbuckling action)

For £14.99 I think Don’t Rock the Boat is a great, no-nonsense game and has become an instant family favourite here.  It’s currently on offer over on Amazon, so I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

To find out more about this game and others in the University Games range, please visit their website.

disclosure:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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Don’t Rock the Boat game worth £14.99

135 thoughts on “Don’t Rock The Boat

  1. Bucky after the ship on Jake and the Neverland pirates, my daughter loves this show

  2. I think I would name the Ship ‘The King Penguin’ … they do seem to be flapping about!!

  3. i would call it shipper shape but everything on a ship i had would always be ship shape

  4. I’d name it the “Yo yo yo and a barrel of fun”

    Because …. well, it’s a funny name. Why not?

  5. Lovely you and your boy enjoying yourselves with the boat. Looks fun. Sort of gutted we’ve grown out of toys like this. We needed to get rid of a large Playmobile hospital recently and gave it to Helen&Douglas House, but decided to keep the ambulance with the flashing light. Just for me!

  6. Od name my pirate ship long john lucas as my it’s what I call my godson and he loves pirates
    He’d be delighted to have his very own ship and we’d have so much fun on the seas

  7. Boaty McBoatface…..
    It’s all over the internet if you don’t know what I’m talking about 😛

  8. Boaty McBoat Face, seen as the new Polar research vessel isn’t using it !! 😛 xx

  9. Id name it the black penguin as a nod to my fave pirate ship from pirates of the Caribbean 🙂

  10. my 4 year old said she would call it the penguin boat haha in a nutshell from a 4 year old!

  11. Penguin wreck as I’m sure the penguins will feel a wreck aftera ride on this ship.

  12. haha – was so going to say Boaty Mc Boatface until i saw someone else had said it 🙂 – ill go with – shippy mcShipface – sounds like an older brother to Boaty 🙂

  13. jolly green harvey – because my partners surname is green and mine is harvey and were both jolly! 😀

  14. The Golden Find – a play on The Golden Hind that Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe in.

  15. Scurvy Pirate James because that is what my grand-daughter calls her uncle. They love pirates.

  16. I would call it happy as i now this would make my kids happy with the amount of fun they would have

  17. Perilous Pearl, because they have to be named after a woman (Pearl) and the game is perilous 🙂

  18. What would you name the pirate ship in this game and why? . . . . . NannyGrumps ‘cos it’s MY ship ha ha

  19. I would name it higgly pigglgy think that’s a perfect name thanks for the chance

  20. The kids are still in Boaty mcBoatface mode with everything so no doubt that is what it would get called.

  21. I would name it ‘The Ant- Arctic Roll’ as it rolls back and forth and penguins come from the Antarctic

  22. Mine said they’d call it Bucky as they think it’s the ship from jake and the Neverland pirates

  23. Rocky BalBoata – because it’s rocky, it’s a boat, and it’ll be the champion of the seas.

  24. I would name it The Argent Trooper because Argent is personal to me, and topical to pirate ships as it means silver 🙂 and trooper just seems to fit with the pillaging antics!

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