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Dr Hedgehog – 3 book collection – a review

We recently received a lovely delivery from Sweet Cherry Publishing for Monkey, containing lots of books! We received 2 different boxed sets and today I’m going to share with you the Dr Hedgehog 3 book collection which are written by Jerry Mushin and illustrated by Joyson Loitongbam.

Dr Hedgehog

The 3 books are Dr Hedgehog and the Post Box Rescue, Dr Hedgehog and the Tree Rescue and Dr Hedgehog and the River Rescue.

Dr Hedgehog was an instant hit here, Monkey loved the fact that he drove around in a Baked Bean can car! In each of the three books we follow Dr Hedgehog as he gets sidetracked from his day by the rather mischievous little Martin Mouse.

Dr Hedgehog

Martin is always getting into trouble and stressing his poor mother, Mavis.

I can identify with our helpful hero as he never gets to drink his cup of tea before it’s gone cold!  Although not sure I’d been keen to try cabbage tea personally!

We’ve enjoyed reading the Dr Hedgehog books together and they are ideal as a short bedtime story.  Monkey is now able to pick some of the words out himself and the illustrations are lovely and bold. The books all come with a large fold out poster which children may like to hang in their bedrooms.

Dr Hedgehog

The Dr Hedgehog books work both as a collection and as stand alone stories.

Each book can be purchased for £6.99 or as a 3 book collection for £20.97.

disclaimer:  we were sent this set in exchange for an honest review

4 thoughts on “Dr Hedgehog – 3 book collection – a review

  1. I am encouraged by your generous comments on my stories for young children. Thankyou for this boost to my morale. Publication of the other seven books in the contract (which include some of the best stories) was planned for 2014 but has been postponed by the publisher.

    Although some of the illustrations are disappointing (for example, I wanted Martin Mouse to look like a mouse and not like a child in a pantomime costume), these books give me great satisfaction. I am confident that parents (and grandparents) will enjoy these books as much as the small children to whom they are read.

    I wrote the stories more than thirty years ago, when my son Stephen was in preschool. The stories evolved over several years. They were about the animals that we saw frequently. On evenings when it got dark early, I used to put a saucer of milk in the garden and then wait silently, with three-year-old Stephen beside me, until, at the same time each evening, a hedgehog came out of the undergrowth to drink it. The hedgehog never stayed long. Obviously, he was rushing to get to his work at the hospital. That is how I began writing the stories. Within walking distance of our house, Stephen and I used to watch cows eating grass (and looking grumpy), and sheep giggling at silly jokes, and horses looking friendly and helpful, and frogs swimming strongly in cold water, and pigeons, sparrows, dogs, and chickens, all of which became part of the stories. Gradually, the stories developed a pattern of Martin Mouse getting into awkward situations and needing help. When Stephen was older, about five years old perhaps, the stories developed an additional theme. They were now also about the relationship between Martin Mouse and his mother. Mavis Mouse was always worried about her son. This is how mothers have behaved since the beginning of time, of course, and Stephen could recognise the behaviour of his mother. When things went wrong, often after ignoring his mother’s good advice, Martin Mouse was always worried that she would be cross, but she was always so pleased to see him get home safely that all was immediately forgiven.

    In “Dr Hedgehog and the Tree Rescue”, the punctuation on page 10 has been changed without my consent. I have asked the publisher to re-instate the text that I submitted: “It was raining, but he didn’t mind, even though the roof of his car leaked. He held an umbrella inside the car!”

    Thankyou for taking an interest in my stories.

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