Dreamtex Raptor Dino Explorer duvet set with National Geographic

Dreamtex Raptor Dino Explorer duvet set with National Geographic – AD sent for review and giveaway

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

Whenever my son and I visit Whipsnade Zoo we’re always fascinated to see their benches which are all made from recycled plastic bottles.  So I knew that my son would jump at the chance to look at the new Dreamtex Raptor Dino Explorer duvet set with National Geographic which is also made from recycled plastic bottles!

Dreamtex Raptor Dino Explorer duvet set with National Geographic

Dreamtex launched their first licenced recycled bedding collection with National Geographic earlier this year. Each duvet set is made from up to twelve recycled plastic bottles using fibres created by Repreve®. The duvet sets have been produced to highlight National Geographics ‘Planet or Plastic?’ mission which aims to raise awareness of the need to reduce the number of single-use plastics entering our oceans.  Even the minimal packaging echoes this concept, no plastic at all, and the product sleeving is made from recycled paper.

Having a nearly ten-year-old son who is very environmentally aware, I knew he’d love the whole concept of this campaign.  The Raptor Dino Explorer duvet set has already been a big hit with him.  It’s reversible, so he can choose which design he prefers to go to sleep with, it also has popper fasteners.

Dreamtex Raptor Dino Explorer duvet set with National Geographic

Dreamtex Raptor Dino Explorer duvet set with National Geographic

The 50% cotton/50% polyester from recycled plastic bottles duvet set washes well at 40 degrees and irons well too. The fabric also feels really nice and my son just loves his Dreamtex Raptor Dino Explorer duvet set with National Geographic as I think this photo shows.

Dreamtex Raptor Dino Explorer duvet set with National Geographic

The Dreamtex National Geographic duvet sets are available from Argos, Asda and Studio.co.uk priced at £24.99.

We’ve teamed up with Dreamtex to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Dreamtex Raptor Dino Explorer duvet set with National Geographic worth £24.99.  Enter the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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Dreamtex Raptor Dino Explorer duvet set with National Geographic worth £24.99

203 thoughts on “Dreamtex Raptor Dino Explorer duvet set with National Geographic – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. I would love to win for my 7 year old grandson who is dinosaur daft and would be thrilled to sleep in this set

  2. I think my nephew would love this as at the moment he is really into dinosaurs so i know he would love this duvet set

  3. My friend’s daughter would love this as she loves learning about dinosaurs and fossils with her Dad

  4. How cool is that?! Our middle girl would love it. Actually, we all love dinosaurs but she would appreciate the arty, slightly graffiti design in her room.

  5. My Grandson, he is dinosaur mad and always looking for fossils on the beach, so i know he would love this

  6. my son jacob who is 2 would love this he is really keen on dinosaurs since learning about them at nursery , we didnt know and wondered why he was suddenly roaring all the time , we asked the nursery and they explained lol

  7. My nephew who is dinosaur obsessed. He can tell me all of them and i have no idea what he’s on about

  8. Hello, I would like to win this duvet set as I would give it to a local charity that helps families in need as I’m sure they would appreciate it, thank you.

  9. My dinosaur mad son would really love this set, he has always been Dino mad and even as he gets older it hasn’t changed, His favourite dinosaur is the Spinosaurus. What is your son’s favourite

  10. I’d love to win this for my best friend’s little boy – he”s obsessed with dinosaurs so this would be the best present ever!

  11. i would to win for my youngest son as he loves anything to do with dino and he does have a dino bedset already but its a bit old now! x

  12. My son he absolutely loves dinosaur and he would love this big boys Dino bedding to snuggle up to while sleeping ,

  13. Would love this for youngest grandson, his favourite topic is dino’s at the moment, could be pirates next week

  14. Harry my best friend’s son would love this, his birthday was all dinosaur related as he is being so involved with learning as well as playing with dinosaurs.

  15. My best friends little boy would love this as he is dinosaur mad and its his birthday coming up, he would be over the moon with this xx

  16. Both of the boys would love this! I’d probably end up buying another if I won this so they could have one each

  17. I would love to win this duvet for my little boy because his obsessed with all things to do with dinosaurs, I know he’d love it!

  18. My grandson would love this set as he loves dinosaurs, and I love the fact is is made with recycled plastic bottles

  19. My friends son would love this. His teacher was amazed how much he knew about dinosaurs during their recent topic.

  20. My youngest son would love this, he’s always been a big dino fan so i’m sure it would be appreciated!

  21. would love this for my nephew but also to promote what is an amazing product. Hopefully things like this will become a popular product for countries struggling to cope with the mountains of plastic refuse but yet just survivng with a struggling economy

  22. my little man Tyler would be over the moon with this because hes into anything dinosaur and construction style toy

  23. Would love this for my two year old twin grandsons, they just love dinosaurs, and perhaps it would help to keep them in bed at night!

  24. My son would adore this as he absolutely loves dinosaurs. He has a massive dinosaur collection at home

  25. My grandson would love this because he loves everything to do with dinosaurs and recently we took him to see Dippy at the Museum in Cardiff. He was thrilled to bits!

  26. Leo would love this. Not just because he loves dinosaurs, but because even at 3 years old he is unbelievably environmentally conscious. When we walk through the park he wants to stop and pick up all the litter (or trash as he insists on calling it) and when he has a drink from a bottle he always makes a big point of telling me that the bottle can be recycled!

  27. My eldest lad would love this – he’s just picked up a book to read on fossils, rocks and minerals

  28. My godson would love this, he loves dinosaurs and also likes the idea of digging to find their remains.

  29. Looks perfect for my 8 year old son – he’s outgrown the Mr Men now so needs some swanky new bedding (it’s green credentials make it even more attractive!)

    1. My three year old daughter Tilly would absolutely love this set, she is dinosaur crazy and take her T-Rex to bed every night.

  30. My youngest Grandson would love this Dino Explorer duvet set for his room. Imagine all the fun bedtime stories inspired by the design on that bedding. It really is fab.

  31. I would love this for my grandson Kyan who will be 3 next year i dont see him often as my son lives in Vietnam with his family but will be visiting for Kyans birthday x

  32. My seven year old son Caleb would love it! He has been a massive dinosaur fan since he was no age and I’m sure he’ll love the fact that it is made from recycled plastic bottles. He’s been really into doing his bit for the environment.

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