Dreamworks Dinotrux Power Revvitt

Dreamworks Dinotrux Power Revvitt

I’ve always wondered how it is that Monkey loves dinosaurs as much as he does.  I’ve no idea where the initial obsession began really.  He just seems to have been born with it. One day he had no idea what they were, and the next day, he loved them and there was no going back.  He’s also mad about construction as you all know, a boy with toys, is a boy in boy heaven after all.  So when the Dreamworks Dinotrux Power Revvitt arrived I knew we’d caught two birds with one stone.  A dinosaur with tools!

Dreamworks Dinotrux Power Revvitt

Revvitt is part of the Dreamworks Dinotrux series, animals that are half dinosaurs and half construction machines.  He’s a razor-sharp Reptool and best friend to Ty Rux, a large Tyrannosaurus Trux. It was only ever going to be love at first sight when Monkey spotted him.  The toys are based on the animated series and original books from Chris Gall, that I’m sure will be added to our library shortly. There are a whole range of Dinotrux toys available, with prices ranging from £6.99 to £54.99.

Our Dreamworks Dinotrux Power Revvitt is aimed at children aged 3-5 years predominately, (my 6 year old gives him a thumbs up too) and comes with 3 demo LR44 button batteries.

Dreamworks Dinotrux Power Revvitt

He comes with 4 interchangeable drill bits and a tongue tape measure.  The drill bits are easy to attach to the drill on Revvitt’s head and the remaining bits can be secured as spines along his back.

To make the drill turn and Revvitt talk you pull backwards on his tail and keep pumping to keep the drill moving, release the tail and the drill stops.

Dreamworks Dinotrux Power Revvitt

The Dreamworks Dinotrux Power Revvitt tape measure tongue was a great surprise for Monkey and I let him find it for himself.  Open Revvitt’s jaw, pull his tongue and a retractable, double-sided tape measure appears, inches on one side, centimetres on the other side, he even talks to you.

Just when we thought we’d discovered all of the featured on the Dreamworks Dinotrux Power Revvitt, we found that he has wheels on his feet, making him easy to glide across surfaces.  He obviously works better on totally flat surfaces like lino, but he works ok on our carpet too.  Monkey also quickly discovered that you can move Revvitt’s legs to pose him.

Priced at £29.99 the Dreamworks Dinotrux Power Revvitt has lots of features and Monkey has loved playing with him since he’s arrived.

We’ve been really impressed with Revvitt, and I have a feeling Monkey will want to spend some pocket money on some of the other Dinotrux toys from Mattel.  The toy is very tactile and the drill bits are easy for younger children to change themselves.  The plastic is durable, so you know this toy is going to last well, and nothing is likely to break.

If you have Netflix, you can catch all the Dinotrux action here.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.




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