Dylon Colour Catcher Double Action, White 'N' Bright

Dylon Colour Catcher – a review of Colour Catcher Double Action – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent this product for the purpose of review

I seem to spend half my life loading and unloading the washing machine these days.  My son loves nothing better than getting covered in mud, sand and food!  When someone suggested I take a look at Dylon Colour Catcher as it could save me some time – I was there like a shot!  Dylon has launched Dylon Colour Catcher Double Action and White ‘N’ Bright

DYLON® Colour Catcher® Double Action is a great time saver as using it in your machine means mixed colours and whites can be washed together, saving you time sorting your washing so you can spend more time with your family. DYLON® Colour Catcher® also keeps colours bright and prevents colour runs, prolonging your love affair with your favourite fashion items and keeping your patterns as bold as the day you first bought them.

White ‘n’ Bright – the first sheet designed for everyday care of white wash with 360° protection against greying!

Dylon Colour Catcher Double Action, White 'N' Bright

With my son changing to the School Nursery in September and needing to wear white polo shirts, I can’t wait to put the White ‘N’ Bright to the test, as frankly, I’ve dreaded the state his tops will get in at Nursery School!!  So more on that next month!!

In the meantime I thought I’d try the Dylon Colour Catcher Double Action – I’ve always washed coloured and whites separately, but if I can wash together to save a bit of time without affecting the colour of the clothes, then I’m all for trying that.

So I decided to add a pair of his white ‘racing car’ pants to my normal coloured wash using the Colour Catcher Double Action, to see what would happen to their colour.

Can you tell which pair of pants went in the coloured wash and which went in the whites wash?  Well, you can’t, they look exactly the same.  One happy me!

Fancy trying a sample for yourself?  Dylon has just launched the Bright Fashion Hub over on their Facebook page.  The page went live at the end of July and Dylon will be using the Hub to share all their product updates, offers, competitions and other news.  What’s more, every visitor can order a FREE sample of the Dylon Colour Catcher Double Action.


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