Miranda the Explorer, Early Readers from Orion

Early Readers from Orion – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent these books for the purpose of review

As you know I’m always reading to my son, aged nearly 4 years.  We read a lot of picture books that are clearly suited for his age, but we often spend time reading books aimed at older children, whether it be factual books or books like the Early Readers from Orion.  You may remember our last couple of Early Reader reviews.  My son has loved reading these stories to him so we were thrilled to receive another couple in the post recently.

Our first Early Reader book was Mondays at Monster School by Ruth Louise Symes and illustrated by Rosie Reeve.

Mondays at Monster School, Early Readers from Orion

Mondays at Monster School is a blue band, Early Reader book – suitable for young children beginning to read with assistance.  The language is simple with large easily readable text.  Obviously, my son is not reading by himself yet, but he loved this 50-page story of two little Monsters who are apprehensive of their first day at school.

Mondays at Monster School, Early Readers from Orion

It’s a wonderful tale of two friends who overcome their fears and actually enjoy their first day at school so much that they can’t wait to go back on Tuesday!  He loved the descriptive language – stomping, slime painting, mud splashing.  He giggled his way through the story.  The colourful illustrations were a perfect accompaniment to the text.

When you reach the end of the story there are five observation pages that ask the early reader about the story.  A great idea to ensure that young children are understanding the book they have been reading.

Next up was Miranda the Explorer by James Mayhew.

Miranda the Explorer, Early Readers from Orion

Miranda the Explorer is a red band, Early reader book, so, the next stage on from the blue band.  The text font is smaller, there are considerably more words per page and they are more complex.  The book is 74 pages long but I was still able to hold his attention when I read to him.

This is a fun story about a little girl, Miranda, who accidentally travels the world in a hot air balloon.  She travels far and wide and makes friends along the way who help her return home.

Miranda the Explorer, Early Readers from Orion

We often talk about foreign countries as his grandparents live in Spain – he actually recognised one of the illustrations as being the bridge in Ronda where we have been.  Although he doesn’t really understand the difference between countries, he was still interested to see the different places that Miranda visited and we talked about each in turn.

Miranda the Explorer, Early Readers from Orion

We’d seen a hot air balloon on our way home from Longleat recently, so it was great to read the story and for him to see how the balloon could go up in the sky and come back to earth.  I’m sure older children will really enjoy reading this story whilst also learning more about the world we live in.

Both paperback Early Readers from Orion are available for £4.99.


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