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Early years dental care from Brush-Baby – a review – AD sent for review

disclosure:  we were sent this toothpaste for the purposes of review, our comments, however, remain our own honest opinions.

I suffer from gum disease, it does seem to have some genetic link on my Mum’s side, it’s not pleasant, and it got substantial worse during my pregnancy with my son.  My dentist and I have been battling with it ever since, and earlier this year I had to undergo surgery to deal with a nasty gum infection between my front teeth.  I will always need to visit the dentist more regularly than is the norm, I will always need to ensure that I take extra care when I brush, floss and use special dental brushes to keep the disease at bay.

So with my history, you can imagine that I am very vigilant with my son and his teeth. I want to ensure that I do all I can to give him and his teeth and gums the best start I can.

When I was asked to review a toddler toothpaste from Brush-Baby I was eager to find out more. (Incidentally, they knew nothing of my history).


….. dedicated to little mouths, teeth and gums. We want to help parents give their children good foundations for lifelong healthy teeth.

We received a sample of the Baby and Toddler Toothpaste for ages 0-3 years. Toddler toothpaste

I don’t know about your children, but getting my son to brush his teeth can be a challenge at the best of times, so I wondered how the introduction of a different toothpaste would go down with him.  He’s just over 3 and half years, so at the top age range for this product.

Well, it all went rather well, we had the usual tussle to get him into the bathroom and onto his step, but once he was there, with a toothbrush in hand, he tried the toothpaste and he liked it.  It is applemint and clearer than his normal toothpaste, but now, when he decides that he will actually brush his teeth he has gone for this tube, over his normal toothpaste every time.  Says something.

What do I like about it – my son will use it! It contains something called Xylitol – no I’d never heard of it either …..

xylitol_imgXylitol is a natural ingredient which reduces the bacteria that cause tooth decay. All Brush-Baby toothpastes contain Xylitol, which the British Dental Health Foundation endorse as “the biggest advance against cavities since fluoride”

So it’s giving me the reassurance I need that I’m doing the best I can to protect Monkey, his teeth and gums from facing the same issues I do in the years to come.

I shall be interested to try the 3-6 years toothpaste with him – apparently, it’s Tutti Frutti flavour!

Brush-Baby has a range of early years tooth care products from birth through to 6 years – click here for more details.


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