Eating in with Everdine

Eating in with Everdine

Monkey and I are going to be away for a while over the summer holidays.  Having a husband who works over 80 hours a week, I know the last thing he’ll want to do when he gets home, is to cook a meal.  Well I’ve got that covered as he’ll be eating in with Everdine whilst we are away.  I’ve also been trying out their service thanks to Tornado.

Eating in with Everdine

Eating in with Everdine is really simple as the company offer a range of meal options in their home delivery subscription service.  These are frozen meals with a difference, they really do look and taste good.

Eating in with Everdine

The ordering process is very simple, there are options for the classic meal plan with 8 or 12 meals which offer a range of meat, fish, poultry and vegetarian options, the veggie 8 or 12 meal plan.  Then decide when you want to start your deliveries and how often, from every week to once every four weeks.  Deliveries are made on either a Friday or Saturday between 9am-12pm.  You can them select exactly which meals you would like in your delivery. There’s a suggested selection, but if there’s a particular meal that you don’t fancy, it’s very easy to scroll through the options and change accordingly.  Likewise you can order more than one meal of the same thing.

Place your order and wait for your delivery to arrive.  I received a number of text messages and emails from the point of placing my order right through to the morning that my Everdine delivery was due.  The delivery arrives via courier and the box is insulated with recyclable material and comes with ice packs to keep your delivery cold until you are able to place in the freezer.  Each meal comes with cooking instructions and a best before date.

Eating in with Everdine

Daddy P will be eating in with Everdine while we’re away and he’s got quite a selection of meals to choose from.  We opted for:

King Prawn Miso Ramen, Lamb Kofta with Roast Onion Bulgar Wheat, Pulled Beef Ragu Spaghetti, Cajun Blackened Salmon, Rainbow Vegetable Pad Thai, Roast Duck Breast with Blueberries, Sea Bream Thai Green Curry and BBQ Pulled Pork with Boston Beans.

What a lovely selection of dishes.  Well in fact one of the meals selected was for me to be eating in with Everdine, so I could try one of the meals out for myself.  I love King Prawns, so I got to try the King Prawn Miso Ramen for myself.  It takes 9 minutes to cook from frozen in the container provided, then stand for a minute before serving.

Eating in with Everdine

The meal was packed full of flavour and tasted so good.  I thought the portion size was also good and even Daddy P would be satisfied with this.  He could even eat straight from the food container, to avoid washing up and for speed.

It’s good to know that I’ll be leaving him with a range of healthy and interesting meal options when I’m away.  He’s got no excuse not to eat well in my absence now!

I’ve got an exclusive discount of £25 on your first order with Everdine using this linkYou can find out more about the options available and costings for the various plans over on the Everdine website.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review



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