Ecoegg Laundry Egg

Ecoegg Laundry Egg – review and giveaway

I don’t know about you but I appear to have a magic laundry basket.  As soon as I empty it I turn around and it’s full again.  There are only three of us but it never ceases to amaze me how much washing we create.  Sadly until I’ve got Monkey better trained, the responsibility for getting it all cleans lies with me and my trusty washing machine.  It can cost a small fortune to keep everything looking pristine can’t it.  Well I’ve discovered something that’s rather clever, eco-friendly and will save me money, all whilst keeping on top of the laundry.  Let me introduce you to the Ecoegg Laundry Egg.

Ecoegg Laundry Egg

The Ecoegg Laundry Egg – Soft Cotton, we received priced at £9.99 will last for 210 washes, before the cleaning pellets will need replacing.  So one wash is costing me just 0.45p.  This instantly made washing far more interesting as far as Daddy P was concerned.  There is a 720 washes version of the Laundry Egg available which reduces the wash cost down to 0.28p!  You can also choose a Fragrance free or Spring Blossom fragrance version on the Laundry Egg.

This novel washing device consists of the Egg itself, five bags of white mineral pellets and one bag of dark coloured tourmaline ceramic pellets as well as full instructions for us.

Ecoegg Laundry Egg

Push the button on the side of the Egg to separate the two halves and fill the larger end with only three packets of the white pellets and the one packet of dark coloured pellets.

Ecoegg Laundry Egg

Place the top half of the Egg in place and match up the triangle to the locking device to click into place.

Ecoegg Laundry Egg

The Ecoegg Laundry Egg is now ready to complete the first 72 washing loads.  Place the egg on top of your washing inside the drum and wash as normal.  You can use stain removers if needed for extra stubborn stains.

The tourmaline ceramic pellets weaken the adhesive forces between the dirt and fabric.  Then the mineral pellets naturally ionise the oxygen molecules in the water which then penetrate deep into the fabric lifting away the dirt and grime without fading colours or damaging the fibres.

Ecoegg Laundry Egg

There are no harsh chemicals to worry about and the product is hypoallergenic, making it great for babies and those with sensitive skin.  The product has won awards for Best Baby Skincare Product from Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine and is supported by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society.

So far I’m impressed with our Ecoegg Laundry Egg on all levels, it’s already saving me money, its super simple to use and there is no mess when putting tables, powder in the washing machine.  The Egg is washing our clothes well and even Monkey’s school uniform is coming through the wash well.

When we’ve completed the first 72 washes I will need to top up the pellets with another pack of the white pellets, and again following the next 72 washes.  This is my only niggle.  I can barely remember what day of the week it is sometimes, let alone how many times I’ve done the washing in a given month. It would be great if there was some sort of indicator on the Laundry Egg to tell you it needed refilling.  But that aside I love this product.

When I’ve completed my 210 washes in the future, I can just buy the refill pellets for £7.49 and start again.  Honestly, sit down and work out how much you are spending per wash and you will be converted.  You can buy directly on the Ecoegg website and fond information on national stockists.

disclaimer:  we were sent this product in exchange for an honest review.


I’m really thrilled to be able to share this product with you, and can offer one reader the chance to test out the Ecoegg Laundry Egg for themselves.  I have one Soft Cotton 210 washes Ecoegg Laundry Egg available to win.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win – good luck.


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Ecoegg Laundry Egg – Soft Cotton 210 washes

240 thoughts on “Ecoegg Laundry Egg – review and giveaway

  1. 3 to 4 times a week with a family of four. Not sure on cost as buy a big box of non bio Persil which lasts a while

  2. We do 2 loads of wash a week, not very sure how much we spend though, as we stockpile and buy up detergent when it’s on sale.

  3. My Hubby does the washing on a Saturday around 4-5 loads I think it costs us around £1 for the full days washing.

  4. I do the washing around 3 times a week, it probably costs me around 30p per wash, I buy my laundry products from Home Bargains!

  5. 3-4 loads a week, no idea how much though really, electric??, laundry products less than £1 as never buy any products that work out more than 10p a wash so stock up when its on sale

  6. 2-3 times a week, but I have to admit I’ve never tried to calculate the cost! £1.50 maybe? I got a good deal on washing powder, but it’s the softener that makes it more costly.

  7. About six, as most days. Cost :- I do not know, though would be useful and enlightening to know full cost. Washing machine ( as I seem to have to renew every couple of years), washing powder, fabric softener, electricity, water etc.

  8. theres 6 of us in the house and 1 in cloth full time and 1 in cloth on a night so i can do 3 washes a day some days but mainly 1! and i dread to think how much i spend though x

  9. I do a wash at least 4 times a week, it costs a fortune when I first moved away to university (many years ago) I can remember standing in tescos utterly dumbfounded by how much washing powder costs, I went back to halls and used a pay phone to ring my mum to see if that was right and it really was that expensive!!!!

  10. I wash everyday but I don’t know how much it costs.I buy a massive catering size box of washing powder and an enormous bottle of fabric conditioner.

  11. about 3-4 washes a week, maybe about £1.00 on detergent which is not bad for a family of 4, it’s the electricity for the washer and iron that cost more!

  12. I wash at least one load most days, sometimes two loads if I have nappies to wash. I wouldn’t have a clue how much it costs!

  13. about 3/4 washes a week, i use loads of the lquid though cause i like the smell but couldnt say how much i spend maybe £2?

  14. I was most days so I probably get through a £2.50 bottle of detergent from Aldi once a fortnight.

  15. i reckon about 12 lots a week, but then 4 of them is the bedding getting done. i think i probably spend about £7 a week. i often go for brand names but on offer

  16. i do about 5 loads of washing a week and it costs me around 25 pence in detergent a week i get a big bottle of Muvo from home bargain which costs £4.99 for a hundred wash

  17. I do 2 loads a day usually, I spend about 4 hours a week ironing and about 20p a load plus 50p? on tumble drying towels.

  18. Probably about 6 times a week or more if baby is particularly err… productive! No idea how much it costs though!

  19. We are washing everyday with the kids uniforms etc, we buy a £4 bottle of Persil small and mighty each week and a bottle of fabric softener which is about £1

  20. Everyday, I would hate to think what we spend, I buy washing powder in bulk and try not work out how much I’m spending on it 🙁

  21. I do 6 or 7 washing a week, usually I buy my washing capsules on sales which work it out cheaper if possible I will say it work out at 15 pounds a month using Persil or Ariel

  22. Every other day although quite often it can be on twice in the one day.I reckon I spend about £25 monthly on detergents and conditioner x

  23. I spend about £20 a month but that can be more if I can’t find stuff on offer. I do about 7 washes a week, sometimes more depending on doing duvets, sheets, coats, etc.

  24. I’m not sure how much I spend, but I usually do a load a day, then a couple extra at weekends, so about 9 washes a week :-/

  25. I was about 3/4 times a week and to be honest never costed it out – I only use persil non-bio and white vinegar

  26. About 5 loads of laundry a week costs £1.50 – £2.00 because I stock up when detergent is on offer.

  27. i do about 4 loads a week. i try and get my washing powder when on offer and work out at around 10p per wash. but then i have got the stain spray i use on most items, as mine are messy. then there is the fabric softner.

  28. I try to wash twice a week, but it generally ends up nearly everyday. I think I spend around £10 per week including the powder, softener and electric

  29. Up to a couple of weeks ago we were doing around 12 a week. Some family moved on and we’re down to around 5. I reckon maybe £8 a week.

  30. Approx 4 times may cost about £1 I don’t really know. I only buy washing power/conditioner when its on offer

  31. Usually a couple of washes everyday with one messy toddler and a newborn any less and it builds up. not sure on cost but less than ten pound a week.

  32. I do about 7-8 loads a week, not sure how much I spend as I bulk buy soap powder and comfort from a wholesaler

  33. i seem to spend half my life washing clothes, I get through around 15 washes per week with uniforms and kits on top of everyday wear.

  34. i probably do about 5 loads a week, my other half is a skip driver so he is always mucky and i work in residential care so i have to make sure my clothe are always clean and my daughter seems to find dirt where ever she goes, especially at school.

  35. I have a family of 5, and my washing machine goes on every single day. I’d estimate at £10 a week.

  36. I do one load a day. So guess I’m using a litre of washing liquid every 2 weeks. So about £2.50 a week.

  37. We usually do about 3 full loads a week, plus one or two ’emergency’ washes where something is needed clean ASAP! I genuinely couldn’t tell you how much it costs us, although I’m pretty certain it costs more than the Ecoegg!

  38. about 9 loads a week i dont like overloading our washer and i spend about 3 pound per week on comfort and about 2 pound per week on capsules i buy a big family pack to last me the month

  39. I do 2-3 washes a week. Goodness, I’ve never calculated how much it costs but I’m not brand loyal so I always buy whatever decent brand is on offer, never put a washing on until I have a full load and run a quick wash for things that just need freshened up so all in, I’d guestimate at 60p-£1 a load.

  40. I have 3 yr old twins and a teenage aswell as work clothes from me and the other half. We put a wash on every day and at the weekend the washer is on a couple of times a day. Wouldn’t like to think what it costs x

  41. My washing machine is on five days a week at least once, sometimes it could be up to three loads. I spend around £3.50 on non-bio and softener (cheap supermarkets) then there’s the cost of the water and electricity to add.

  42. 4-5 times a week,no idea how much it costs,i just buy more detergent and conditioner when it runs out

  43. I do all my washing at the weekends maybe 3 loads and I think its cost about £3 counting energy costs

  44. We do at least 3 washes a week – it depends how lazy I’m feeling or busy I am!
    I’d say it costs us around £10 a week to run the washing machine, the detergents and softeners and stain removers used, and then to run the tumble drier if it’s bad weather. Gosh, that’s expensive!

  45. I do about 4 loads a week. I get through almost a whole pot of unstoppables, half a bottle of fabric softener and about a third of washing liquid. With electric and gas to dry it after I’d guess at just over £10 a week.

  46. I do about 3 or 4 full loads a week, but then there’s often a quick wash on in the evening. I have no idea how much it all costs me. A lot?!

  47. no idea what cost would be but probably 4-5 loads a week, this seems a great cost reducing device!

  48. We do ours once a week not sure how much we spend probably quite a bit because our washing machine is ancient

  49. 2-4 times a week, depending on how much of a mess my daughter makes. I honestly have no idea how much I spend.

  50. In the last week we have done around 4 washing loads – I really haven’t a clue how much it all costs!

  51. Three times a week (I’m on spring water so have to be conservative with the water this time of year as its low) and I think it would could about £1.50?? I have no idea really.

  52. I do it once a week and I’m guessing it costs me about £1. Well actually at the moment it’s costing me £6 because the washing machine is broken and I’m having to go to the laundrette! 🙂

  53. We have a one year old daughter so our washing machine is on pretty much everyday! No idea how much it’s costing though….

  54. There are 5 of us so if I don’t put a wash on daily the laundry easily spirals out of control and I feel like I spend half my life washing, drying, ironing and putting away!

  55. Twice a week and probably not very much per wash as I’m quite economical in the products I buy but I don’t know exactly how much.

  56. I wash at least once a day sometimes 2 times a day. I don’t know how this happens, theres only 3 of us. If my husband is away I only seem to wash about twice a week so it’s definately his fault! haha I must spend a fortune, I have no idea how much.

  57. There are two ‘official’ washes a week, and usually 1-2 ‘oops’ washes thrown in for fun. No idea how much we spend – I try to repress that thought as I have a mini heart attack every time I have to stock up on capsules and how much they cost :s

  58. I wash twice a week and its only costs me about 50p, I shop around for the best deals on washing stuff

  59. 2 or 3 times a week no idea of the cost I use so many different products including any shower gel, shampoo, etc I decide I’m not keen on.

  60. Now just the two of us I onldo about three loads a week as I wait for a ful load. I have a range of powders, liquids, conditioners etc depending on the load. I like variety. Never tried to work out the cost. I suspect the electric is the highest part of it all 🙂

  61. Id say i wash 2-3 times a week which inludes all the bedding. I think probably spend around £2 depending on how much powder i use 🙂

  62. I manage to wash between 5-7 loads a week. But my partner has a work uniform and only provided with one so has to be washed every night.
    Plus my little monkey gets very messy so gets changed at least twice a day.
    I daren’t think how much it costs!

  63. At least 3 wash loads each week – no idea as to cost.

    Do you mean cost of washing detergent and softener, or with electricity as well?

  64. I start on a Friday and finally finish the laundry on Sunday…..each wash takes 1hr 55 mins (unless I pop it on a quicker wash which is 1hr 5mins) and I have at least 7 loads over the weekend

  65. I would say about 3-4 times per week (but I also have catch up days where I do more when I get a bit behind) and I spend probably about £12 per month.

    1. I forgot to say how much we spend – we buy the big packs of washing powder 1x per month at around £10-£15, 1 x large comfort/lenor fabric conditioner £4-6, 1 tub of vanish per month around £8 so roughly £7 per week = £1 per day.

      Thats not counting the electricity used for the washer and the drier

  66. I do approximately 9 washes per week (we are a family of 6). In terms of the cost of washing powder/liquid I guess I must spend about £0.11 per wash, so those costs would add up to about £0.99 per week.

  67. My washer is on at least every other day probably cost me around £5 every 3-4 weeks as always buy what ever is on offer 🙂

  68. I try do all my washing in one day or sometimes two. I don’t spend a lot on it because I always buy whatever detergent is cheapest x

  69. I do it once a week, but 2 consecutive loads. No idea of cost, know it’s not cheap. Couple of quid I think.

  70. I honestly don’t know. I have 9 children and 2 washing machines (12kg one and a 7kg one) The machines seem to run constantly – at least 2 cycles each a day – usually a lot more! I use any washing powder or liquid that is on offer – often Poundland washing liquid £1 for 28 washes (although I get less than 28 because of using bigger than a 4-5kg load)

  71. I would usually do at least 1 wash per day…..I haven’t got a clue how much I’d spend though!

  72. I do 2 loads of washing every other day so about 10 loads a week not including when all bedding as to be changed. I don’t keep a record of what we pay a week, we just look for products which have been reduced.

  73. 3 times a week and I dread to think, by the time the tumble dryers on as well, I expect all in about £10.00 a week 🙁

  74. I put the washing machine on about twenty times a week and estimate to spend six pounds a week on laundry products plus the electricity costs!

  75. I was everyday at least two loads but their are 6 of us probably spend £4.00 a week on products as I always get offers and bulk buy.

  76. with having 3 kids i do alot of washing usually daily. I would say on average it costs me around £10 a week

  77. I probably do 4 loads aa week…..haven’t got a clue how much it costs though! Detergent, electricity, water…..time!!!

  78. I wash every other day and it costs approx £3/£4 per week. If I have my Grandchildren its every day and I use a different detergent and softener and this is expensive.

  79. About 6 washes a week: not sure how much it costs but I go through fabric conditioner and washing liquid like crazy and no washing line so I use the tumble dryer

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