Edition Edelweiss

Edition Edelweiss – a review

Now if you are of a certain age if someone mentions Edelweiss you immediately conjure up a picture of Christopher Plummer and a guitar in one of my favourite childhood films. The younger readers out there can google it to find out what on earth I’m writing about! But I digress, today’s review has everything to do with Austria and a famous flower and nothing to do with musicals.  Let me introduce you to Edition Edelweiss from siin.

Edition Edelweiss

I was sent the Starter Beauty Set (priced at £52.90) from siin’s Edition Edelweiss range to try out.

Edition Edelweiss

This consists of a 30ml Milky Cleanser and a 30ml 24h Essence Cream.

Edition Edelweiss

Edition Edelweiss is new to the UK, having recently been launched here by the Austrian beauty company, siin.

A NEW Austrian skincare sensation to make your skin blossom. A vision to develop one of the most effective and best beauty products in the World has resulted in the creation of EDITION EDELWEISS from Austrian Beauty Company, siin. A skincare collection that delivers simply and effectively to visibly reduce the effects of skin aging and give a glowing complexion. The formulas also contain energising Alpine Spring Water and each have a relaxing fragrance from essential oils to cocoon the skin.

The Edition Edelweiss range is free from Parabens, paraffin and allergens, making it suitable for all ages and skin types.  Now I didn’t know this but the Edelweiss plants are actually a protected flower, so the plants used in the making of Edition Edelweiss are grown on controlled organic farming plantations.

So what did I think?  Well I’ve been using these products for a few weeks (bar the week of illness we’ve all head when skin care was the last thing on my mind!).

I’ve found the Milky Cleanser has done a really good job of cleansing my skin.  I was amazed by what I found on my cotton pads to be honest.

Edition Edelweiss

Now I did feel that the cleanser was drying my skin out, it felt strange.  But when I read through the pamphlet that came with my Starter Set, it mentioned that these products have a high concentration of tannin.  Apparently the tannin works to tighten  the skin, and actually when I thought about it, I was mistaking dryness for firmness – does that make sense?  I’ve never suffered from dry skin but my skin was certainly feeling taut.  So guess it’s working on that level too.  I’m honestly not sure how I feel about the tautness but as a cleanser it works wonders.  This can also be bought separately for £32.90 for 100ml.

The 24h Essence Cream is a day and night moisturising cream which I really like.

Edition Edelweiss

It feels luxurious as you apply the cream and really does what it says and left my skin feeling silky smooth and well hydrated.  Again, this can be bought separately for £117.60 for 100ml.

Both products have a lovely fresh  fragrance, but nothing too overpowering.

You can see the  full range of products available to buy directly from siin on their website.  These are luxury skin care items, hence the price tag, but a virtual sales consultant is available via real-time chat to talk you through the best skin care regime. There is also a money back guarantee on the product range.

To keep up to date with all the latest news from siin and the Edition Edelweiss range why not follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The price tag for the 24h Essence Cream is a bit beyond my means as a stay at home Mum at the moment, but the products do work very well.

disclaimer:  we were sent these items in exchange for an honest review

2 thoughts on “Edition Edelweiss – a review

  1. I gasped when I saw the price of that. It’s in the realms of Creme de Mer! I know what you mean about tautness feeling weird. I’m not sure I’d like that either.

    Edelweiss reminds me of my old fisher price record player!

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