Elephant’s Birthday Bells – a #juji Book review AD

Elephant’s Birthday Bells – a #juji Book review AD
disclosure: we were given this book for the purpose of review, our comments however remain our own honest thoughts.

We recently visited Egmont in London to meet David and Carrie Grant and learn all about the Jump Up and Join In – #juji series, featuring books, CDs and a new app. The series is aimed at 4-8-year-olds, so something that will be great for my son as he’ll be 4 in December.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts the #juji series is designed to encourage younger children to enjoy music and singing through a number of different mediums.

There will be six books written by Carrie and David Grant, within the series, and we received a copy of Elephant’s Birthday Bells, with an accompanying CD.  The theme of this book is loud and soft and the story explores their differences.

www.over40andamumtoone.com Elephant's Birthday Bells

The first thing to strike you about this book is how bright and colourful it is, my son loves animals so he was eager to see what happens to Elephant in this story. There are 32 pages in this paperback book, with text that is really clear, so easy for young readers to follow.  When something needs a bit of added emphasis then the text is larger, to really bring the story to life.

We read all the time in this house, it is definitely one of his favourite pastimes, so we settled down on the sofa and jumped right into the story.

www.over40andamumtoone.com A very noisy Elephant

Our heroine is a rather noisy Elephant who likes to do everything rather loudly.  Ailie Busby’s illustrations are fun and really vivid and work brilliantly well with the story. What can Mum and Dad do to make her quieter? A trip to the Music Shop is in order and a birthday present is purchased.

We follow the engaging story as Elephant learns to play her special present – Birthday Bells, there are a few trips along the way in her journey to soft music making!

www.over40andamumtoone.com Softly, softly

Softly, softly the end Elephant masters her new instrument and joins the family band to make harmonious music together. There’s a great message to this story – perseverance and practice pay off.

Not only is this a storybook, it also has a special song to learn ….. (rather addictive actually)

www.over40andamumtoone.com Singing time

….. as well as some lessons to help inspire our musical youth (sorry, couldn’t resist that pun, of course, if you are less than 40 years old that will have gone straight over your heads)…

www.over40andamumtoone.com Heavenly harmonies

The lessons are great for people like me who missed out on the musical gene (my brother got the lot) and gives guidance to help us all feel more comfortable teaching our children.

This book really is action-packed, and if the parts mentioned are not enough to keep your little ones amused then trying making your own musical bells.

www.over40andamumtoone.com Jingle Bells

I love the fact that this book comes with a CD covering everything from the book and a little extra.  We go out a lot in the car so this CD has been accompanying us on our journeys.

You can probably guess by now that I’m rather impressed with this book and the concept of the #juji series as a whole.  I’m not musically oriented and can’t sing for toffee, but this series gives me a bit of confidence to try some new things with my son and he is learning whilst having fun.  Can’t convince him on the singing front, but it’s definitely hitting the mark in other ways.

This book is available for £6.99 from all major retailers and I think it is a bargain for the amount of entertainment it contains.



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  1. What a lovely review – sounds like a really great book especially with all the extras. Must have been a nice day too. Carrie Grant always looks amazing!

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