Emergency Overnight Bag

Emergency Overnight Bag – a review

Have you ever had an unexpected phone call and needed to leave home in a hurry?  When I first started working in Export Sales I had one of those calls from my Sales Director. How would you like to go to Bologna to help our Distributors.  Fab, yes, would love to.  Great, you’re going in the morning.  Eek! I wish I’d had an Emergency Overnight Bag all set up at home or in the boot of my car.  Would have made life a little less chaotic.

Emergency Overnight Bag

Emergency Overnight Bag is a new business offering a handy solution to those last minute change of plans.  The company offer ready-made up bags for ladies, gents and children.

With family in Spain, I’m always conscious that one day I might get a call needing me to get on the next flight out, and to know that I’ve got flight size toiletries already to hand, and I can literally grab a bag and go, really appeals.  Also Monkey is getting to the age where he has started to ask about going for sleepovers, so having an Emergency Overnight Bag already made up for him is a great idea too.

We received a sample of the Ladies and Children’s overnight bag options to look at.  Both retail for £12.99.

Emergency Overnight Bag

With the Ladies Emergency Overnight Bag you can select the relevant bag for your show size Small – shoe size 3-4, Medium – shoe size 5-6, Large – shoe size 7-8 as you receive a pair of fold up shoes with your bag.  Emergency Overnight Bag you receive:

    • 1 Eco Friendly Ladies Emergency Overnight drawstring bag
    • Oral B Toothbrush and Toothpaste
    • Pure Make-up Remover Wipes
    • Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo
    • Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner
    • Palmolive Shower Gel
    • Sure Deodorant
    • Folding Hairbrush with Mirror
    • Always Sanitary Towel x 2
    • Tampax Tampon x 2
    • Black Tights
    • Black Fold Up Shoes (choose size above)
    • Black Hairband
    • Durex Condom x 2
    • Nurofen x 2
    • Clear sealable bag for dirty underwear

I think this bag is well thought out and would be as useful on a girls clubbing night away as it would be for someone needing to take an unexpected business trip.  All of the items are practical and the resealable bag supplied could be used at airport security too if flying.

Maybe there needs to be a couple of options when it comes to the Children’s Emergency Overnight Bag.

Emergency Overnight Bag

I would suggest maybe a selection based on age and boy/girl would be helpful.

You receive:

  • 1 Eco Friendly Children’s Emergency Overnight drawstring bag
  • Children’s Oral B Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Johnsons Baby Shampoo
  • Johnsons Baby Top to Toe Bath
  • Johnsons Baby Moisturising Cream
  • Duck Poof – we received a Mickey Mouse sponge
  • Folding Hairbrush with Mirror
  • Hand Puppet Socks
  • Free Healthy Snack (1 of your 5 a day)
  • Activity Pack

In general I think this option works for children, although a 5 year Monkey is unfortunately rather selective about his toothbrush and would prefer a non ‘Pink Princess’ theme, but in an emergency I think we’d gloss over that!  Love the idea of the socks that are hand puppets too and activity packs always go down well here when we are off on our travels.  This would be a great pack to leave with grandparents and as I’ve said before, would work well for sleepovers too.  If you were tight on space, maybe a pop up flannel would work better than the sponge we received?

There’s a Men’s bag available too, and other additions joining the range soon.  For more information why not follow Emergency Overnight Bag on Twitter.  The selection of bags are available to buy directly from the website and there are two postal service options available.

What would you include in an Emergency Overnight Bag?

disclaimer: we were sent these bags in exchange for an honest review

2 thoughts on “Emergency Overnight Bag – a review

  1. I like the concept, but I agree perhaps the children’s one tailored to gender to avoid meltdowns in a time when you may have a little less patience than normal. I think I would prefer the bag to be a little more attractive too, but that’s just my opinion.

  2. It sounds like a good idea if you are called away a lot although it would be no use to me, I can’t remember the last time I had a night away from home! I agree that the children’s bags need to be gender specific.

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