Enjoying Easter with Guylian

Enjoying Easter with Guylian

With a couple of chocoholics in the household, the thought of Easter approaching ever closer means that the excitement levels are mounting.  Although Monkey is aware of the religious significance of the Easter period, he’s honestly far more interested in the prospect of chocolate treats.  As is his father, if he’s being totally honest.  This year they’ll be enjoying Easter with Guylian and their Belgian chocolate eggs and sea shells.

Enjoying Easter with Guylian

In fact they’re going to have to share some of this bounty with me!  We’ve received the Guylian Sea Shell Egg which is gift boxed to include a 65g Belgian milk chocolate egg and a boxed 125g selection of the Guylian praline Sea Shell chocolates, that I rather like.

I think Daddy P will have his name on the egg itself, whilst I may already have put a couple of the sea shells to the taste test.  I can confirm that they do in fact, taste as good as ever. I hold my hands up, I’ve been enjoying Easter with Guylian a few weeks early, but in my defence, it is nearly my birthday.  That get’s me off the hook doesn’t it?

Now I don’t know about traditions in your household, but here, an annual Easter Egg Hunt is a must.  Weather permitting, the Easter Bunny hides the Easter Chicks eggs around the garden.  We then have a very excited Monkey, running around collecting them all up as quickly as possible,  No one else gets a look in.  Of course, the English weather doesn’t always play ball, or egg, so sometimes we’ve had to move the fun indoors.  Monkey is already asking if the Easter Bunny is visiting again this year.  He doesn’t need to worry, as this year she’ll be stocked up with the Guylian Mini Filled Eggs which will be perfect.

The Guylian Mini Eggs selection box contains approximately 21 chocolate eggs.  There are brown wrapped Dark Praline, gold wrapped Original Praline and green wrapped Milk Truffle.  So this year, the Easter Bunny has really been thinking ahead.  Brown for Mummy, Gold for Daddy and Green for Monkey.  Perfect!

The Guylian Easter range is available at all major supermarkets, selected independent stores nationwide and online via the Guylian website.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

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