Enjoying a #FestiveFrames make over with Vision Express

Enjoying a #FestiveFrames make over with Vision Express

I’ve been wearing varifocal glasses for almost two years now, having been a contact lenses wearer beforehand.  i got to the stage where close up work was becoming a real issue and the lenses I was wearing just didn’t work for me anymore.  So I bit the bullet and went back to glasses for the first time in years, varifocals were a revelation and I’ve really taken to them.  But I’ve never been that pleased with my frames selection if I’m totally honest. My biannual eye test is due imminently so a couple of weeks ago I spent a day enjoying a #FestiveFrames make over with Vision Express.

Enjoying a #FestiveFrames make over with Vision Express

I was invited down to the Vision Express Oxford Street store to look at their range of frames that have been designed with the festive season in mind.  With frames in shades of rustic reds and mulberry as well as accentuated cats eyes styles.  I was going to be spoilt for choice.

Enjoying a #FestiveFrames make over with Vision Express included a comprehensive eye test.  I’ve had regular eye tests since I was a child, way before I actually needed help with my vision, and it amazes me how much the process has changed over the years.  I was talked through the process and made to feel at ease by both the pre-test assessor and the Optician.  As I get older I’m so aware of how important my eyesight is, and how being able to thread a needle is no longer something I can take for granted without the assistance of glasses!

As part of the eye test process at Vision Express, digital retinal photographs were taken of both eyes and I was talked through the images.  It’s quite intriguing to see the other side of your own eyes and see the optic nerve.  My 7 year old son has stared at this shots for ages in total amazement.

My consultation was very thorough and I was advised that my distance sight was stable but I did need an extra boost with my near sight.  Not a total surprise to be fair, I’d been struggling again with cross stitch work so knew a tweak was needed.

I was guided through a whole range of frames in store and tried on a number of different options and styles.  I really wanted frames that would see me through the festive season and beyond.  I’d also found my previous frames quite heavy so was eager to find something a little lighter.  I was torn between two options but in the end I went for these half rimmed frames in a burnished brown.

Enjoying a #FestiveFrames make over with Vision Express

I think the frame colour works well with my skin tone and hair colour and I liked the shaping on the lenses.

As any wearer of glasses will know, picking the right frames is only the start of the selection process.  you then need to make some decisions on the lenses themselves.  Luckily Vision Express staff were on hand throughout the process to guide me through the various options available to me.  I spend a lot of time looking at a laptop screen, with my head in a book or stitching something.  But I also drive my son around on all sorts of adventures.  So I need to make sure I have the best varifocal offering to cope with everything.  I also opted for the anti-reflection plus blue coating which is ideal for my lifestyle, they’re easy clean, water-repellent and scratchy resistant. They’ll also help prevent eye strain and fatigue, which is something I’ve definitely been suffering from.

Decisions made, I was advised that my new glasses would be available for collection in my local store within 7-10 days, due to my specific prescription.  Happy days.  But enjoying a #FestiveFrames make over with Vision Express also meant I got to enjoy a bit of pamper time on my visit.  I was treated to a mini make up make over and offered some advice on what to use and apply to make my new frames accentuate my eyes rather than hide them.

Enjoying a #FestiveFrames make over with Vision Express Enjoying a #FestiveFrames make over with Vision Express

I had a lovely time enjoying a #FestiveFrames make over with Vision Express and eagering awaited the arrival of my new glasses.  On Friday last week the call my local branch called to tell me they’d arrived and I popped in to pick them up.  After a quick check o make sure they were fitting properly, I was good to go, and almost a week later I’m happy to report that I’m thrilled with them.  I can feel the difference in my eyes at the end of a busy day.  I managed to sew on 4 new Beavers badges to my son’s Beavers top easily and they feel so much lighter than my old glasses.

Enjoying a #FestiveFrames make over with Vision Express

Now i just need someone to do my make up for me every day and I’m sorted!

It’s not too late to take up the Vision Express free eye test offer if you book online by 26th November.  They have a large range of glasses on offer from just £39 and I’ve already organised from Daddy P to been seen later this week.

disclosure:  we received a complimentary eye test, glasses and goody bag in exchange for an honest review.

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