Enjoying Gross Science for British Science Week

Enjoying Gross Science for British Science Week – review and giveaway

My 8 year old son loves getting involved with little experiments these days so I knew he’d love trying spending time Enjoying Gross Science for British Science Week.  Let’s face it, he’s fixated with bodily functions so it was never going to be anything other than a big hit, was it!  British Science Week runs from today, 9th March through til 18th March and we thought we’d start it off with a fart and a poop, as you do!

Enjoying Gross Science for British Science Week

The John Adams Gross Science set is aimed at children aged 7 and over and it consists of 12 different activities.  Whilst adult supervision is required due to some of the chemicals included in this set, children can have lots of fun.

Enjoying Gross Science for British Science Week

We’ve been enjoying Gross Science for British Science Week with this set, which comes with full instructions.  You do need additional items to complete 8 of the activities in this set, but they are pretty much standard things that’s you’d have to hand in the kitchen.  The activities that do need these extra items are all clearly marked, so with a bit of planning you won’t have any unhappy kids as they start their Gross Science fun.

The range of activities include Making a Fart in a pot, Bouncy poo, Snot, how a Burp works, Life size bouncing Eye Ball, Making Zits (this set is names Gross Science for a reason you know), Maggot filled would, Digestive system, Lets Launch your Lunch, vomit, making a life-size jelly brain, Jelly fingers.  There are also six Gross Science food recipes to try out at the end of the instruction leaflet.  We may well be eating Maggot Stew next week!

With a son who is obsessed by farting, find me an eight year old boy who isn’t, i just knew he’d want to start with he Let’s Make a Fart in a Pot activity.

Enjoying Gross Science for British Science Week

The instructions are clear and easy for children to follow and my son was soon having lots of fun with this particular experiment.  Even our cat Brewster was eager to see what was happening as my son worked on his adding skills to ensure he’d put just the right amount of water in the pot to start the fun.

Enjoying Gross Science for British Science Week

With his goggles in place he added the Fart Putty Powder and stirred and stirred until the mixture started to solidify a bit.  He left the concoction for 5 minutes and then discovered it was a far more solid lump, a bit like slime he thought.

He then pushed the Fart Putty into the Fart Canister and pushed into the mixture with his finger. Lots of fart noises later and a son who was in fits of giggles.  A big hit and something he’d have loads more fun trying out on his Dad the next day.

You can store the Fart Putty in this canister or in another airtight container and then your child can create farts at will.  Joy!

As well as having fun with the actual activities, the instruction booklet also explains why and how different processes happen.  So what a fart actually is and why they happen, what snot, why squeezing spots isn’t such a good idea and how and why scabs form, for a few examples.  So children are learning whilst having fun, always a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

There was no way that my son wouldn’t be making Bouncy Poo and he actually started this experiment whilst the Fart Putty was setting.  Now please forgive the fact that my son’s rather silly mother hadn’t read the bit about adding water to the food colouring powder bottles at the start of the booklet.  I’ll be owning up to my son sometime this week about that!  But even with that faux pas he had lots of fun with this activity.

Again making use of adding skills to ensure he had the correct amount of water, using the remaining Fart Putty powder and food colouring to start his poo off on the right track.

Once the poo goo has been poured into the mould, you place it inside a plastic bag, seal it and put it in the fridge overnight for your bouncy poo to set!  My son had already decided that he was going to trick his Dad the next day, and blame our poor cat for leaving him a little parcel.  Nice!

He’s a charming child really.  He’s certainly been enjoying Gross Science for British Science Week.  He decided he wanted to try making Vomit next – nice!  For this activity you will need a mixing bowl, wooden spoon and scissors, along with items supplied in the set.

This lovely creation takes 2-3 days to dry out, you then cut the provided wax paper around the edge, crumple it up and there you have it.  Lovely.

Over the coming week I’ll be watching on as my son constructs his life-size bouncing eyeball and I’m not sure who is actually more excited at creating our jelly brain with the moulds provided!

Enjoying Gross Science for British Science Week

My son has been enjoying Gross Science for British Science Week and we both give this set a big thumbs up.  Priced at £18.99 I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve teamed up with John Adams to offer one lucky reader the chance to try out Gross Science for themselves.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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169 thoughts on “Enjoying Gross Science for British Science Week – review and giveaway

  1. We love experimenting making our own instruments at the moment, which is kind of science-y learning about sound!

  2. We like to do gardening experiments in that experiments outdoors always means no worry of mess inside 🙂

  3. My Son likes doing the experiment where you put some black berol pen on a piece of kitchen roll and then you put it in a small glass with some water at the bottom. he likes to see the different colours that come out of the kitchen roll as it gets wet.

  4. We enjoy making different types of slime. Because it’s something my youngest can join in with.

  5. When I was a child I used to love growing crystals, the results were so beautiful. I’ve not done it with the grandchildren yet – I really must!

  6. What science experiment do you like trying at home and why? . . . . Moving Liquid Art by mixing dish soap and milk together causes the surface tension of the milk to break down. . . the kids think it’s magic

  7. We haven’t really done experiments at home – they’ve done the slime at parties and really enjoyed it. We’ll have to try a few experiments!

  8. Gosh ! Usually ANYTHING that makes a mess – bicarb in the cola !!
    Cant wait for the warmer days to go outside

  9. The volcano experiment because they love it when it hit’s the ceiling,it really makes them laugh.

  10. I don’t think it’s science as such but my daughter has been teaching me to make slime

  11. I still love the Cola bottle and Mentos fizzy explosion, I do it for me more than the kids!

  12. We have done the lemon experiment. Cut of the bottom to allow it to stand. Cut the top off, squish the lemon inside and add some dye, we use clothes dye and pour in to lemon, add a teaspoon of baking powder and you have your own mini volcano

  13. We’ve not done one at home but my little boy made a volcano at nursery and loved it so will be trying it ourselves soon

  14. we often do the one with the bottles filled with water and then pumping air into them from a valved foot pump and then the bottle going into the air! Our 5 yr old loves that!

  15. we like the coca cola and mentos one which makes a volcanic reaction as it is fun to watch

  16. My daughters make all thee weird and wonderful potions and put just about everything into them. I still haven’t figured out what for yet apart from the fact I have to tide all their mess up afterwards. x

  17. My children are fascinated by cornflour, liquid one second then solid. We also love to mix with conditioner for the softest playdoh

  18. The fart putty would be a big hit!

    Thus summer I want to make a volcano outside – I’ve seen it on you tube and looks fab!

  19. Marbling on paintings with oil and water -it is therapeutic and the way the oil reacts to the water and paint makes for some amazing pictures

  20. Making slime appears to be a firm favourite in our house at the moment. Thanks for the chance

  21. so we like doing an experiment with pepper but i dont know what you would call it – fill a bowl with water, sprinkle pepper over the top – dip your finger in – it sticks to your finger. Then put washing up liquid on your finger and stick it in – th pepper moves away from your finger. It’s pretty cool you can also do it with some milk and food colouring too 😀 we like doing it because its easy and its with ingredients we always have to hand

  22. My kids like to make a volcano using baking soda. I think they like it because it’s messy!

  23. My son made the exploding volcano in his forest friends lesson recently. So we’d love to do that again.

  24. We loved making a bouncy egg, lava lamps, and baking soda volcanoes. Our experiments don’t always work, but we still enjoy doing them.

  25. The closest we’ve come to a science experiment so far is growing our own fruit and veg from seeds.

  26. We love making a baking soda volcano. My daughter is also 8 and she would love this. It looks like lots of fun x

  27. My son would love to do the Making a Fart in a pot. He’s at that stage where bogies and farts are funny

  28. I’d like to try the “walking quickly over cornstarch slime” to change it from a liquid to a solid. We’d need a lot of slime though.

  29. WE love making slime and always try out new ways and we also love the volcano experiment with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda

  30. For us it has to be the errupting volcano. The kids love it because it’s messy and my fiance and I favour it because it’s something we also did as children and enjoyed.

  31. No so much experiments at the moment, but my little one loves exploring things in the kitchen. So if we’re not sniffing all the herbs and spices, we’re digging out the old herbal tea bags I always say I’m going to drink and play with them in water to explore the different colours and scents.

  32. We like to make glitter slime with y girl using borax – also i do homemade soap using lye

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