Ensuring my shoes fit like a glove with Hotter

Ensuring my shoes fit like a glove with Hotter #MyHotterFit – AD invited to review

disclosure:  we were invited to try out the Hotter Footprint and review a pair of shoes in exchange for this post

I’ve always known that my feet are not a mirror image of each other, that one is slightly bigger than the other, but that’s about all I’ve known.  Recently I was invited to try out some new technology and to spend time ensuring my shoes fit like a glove with Hotter, at their Oxford Branch.

Ensuring my shoes fit like a glove with Hotter

During March Hotter are running a Fit Event, aimed at ensuring their customers have perfectly fitting shoes. As well as having well-trained teams throughout their stores, they are also launching the Hotter Footprint™ which is a scanner using digital technology to create a 3D image of your feet.  The scan then works out your correct shoe size, fit and arch type.

Hotter Oxford store

The technology also determines which size you would require in different styles as this can actually change. Having my feet measured as an adult isn’t something I’ve ever thought of doing, and apparently I’m not alone, as over 75% of people haven’t had their feet measured in the last decade.  I also hadn’t really considered that as I get older my feet can change and that it’s actually really quite important to have them measured regularly.

The process is quick, free and really easy to use.  I was wearing jeans when I visited the Oxford Hotter store, so I just needed to roll my jeans up slightly so the scanner could see my feet clearly.  You stand still on the footplate for a few moments and then the screen brings up a 3D image of your feet which you can view from all angles, including the underside of your feet.  You also see the different measurements across your feet and how one differs from the other.

Once your profile has been created, the software also gives recommendations on the best fitting Hotter shoes for you as well as the sizing for each style.  I know from experience that I can vary from a 5 to 5.5 with Hotter depending on the styles, and whether I’m looking at sandals, shoes or boots.

I was specifically looking for a pair of shoes with a heel in black, which I could use for work and some family events I have coming up. Something that would work well in all scenarios, and with the Hotter Fit system this is easy to arrange.  You can select a colour and the system will bring up all the styles for you to look at.  It also gives recommendations for what it believes will fit you best.

You can see in the images above that the system recommends a Donna in size 5 and a Joanna in size 4.5 for me. I was surprised by the idea of a 4.5 being the right size for me in the Joanna style, but I was open to see which would fit the best.

Ensuring my shoes fit like a glove with Hotter I could agree that the sizing for the Donna style was perfect with the size 5, where I would automatically have asked for a 5.5.  The Joanna in a 4.5 felt too tight across the toes for me, so we fed that information back into the Hotter Fit system so it could adjust my profile accordingly for future reference.

My profile is now kept in the system so the next time I visit a Hotter shop, whether it be in Oxford or elsewhere, the staff will be able to access my profile and quickly suggest the best shoes in whichever style I’m looking at.

I’ve been wearing my new Joanna shoes over the last week and couldn’t be happier with the fit.  They feature a cushioned insole, a soft leather lining as well as a flexible rubber sole.

When was the last time you had your feet measured properly?


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