Entertaining children with i-SPY guides

Entertaining children with i-SPY guides – review and giveaway

We can thoroughly recommend Entertaining children with i-SPY guides and they are something my son has enjoyed since I first introduced him to the range of books a couple of years ago.  We’ve got quite a collection of the guides and have just added four more with the newly published i-SPY Butterflies and moths, i-SPY Garden Birds, i-SPY At the shops and I-SPY In the City.

Entertaining children with i-SPY guides

Entertaining children with i-SPY guides is so easy and cheap too, as the books only cost £2.99 each.  They’re also the perfect size to fit in coat pockets and bags on days out.  

If you’ve not come across these books before then basically the books are full of items for children to find.  Each item has a points value, and you tick the items you find on your adventures.  Once you’ve reached 1000 points you can even apply for a special i-Spy certificate too!

We’ve been making good use of the new In the City i-SPY guide so far over the Easter holidays with trips to London and Oxford.

Entertaining children with i-SPY guides

This guide has sections where children are looking for objects on the footpath, in the road, looking for different people at work, things that keep the streets clean, adverts and architecture. They can also spot city animals and different places to visit.  That will certainly keep my son entertained and he’s been swatting up on what he needs to look out for to get the most points.Entertaining children with i-SPY guides

We’ve already been making use of the i-SPY Garden Birds guide which is helping my son earn his Animal Carer badge with Cubs.  He needs to keep a record of the birds that visit our garden and the guide has given him a really good visual aid, plus he’s been adding up his points as he goes along.

I normally do the shopping when my son is at school but I think I might keep him entertained around the supermarket with the i-SPY At the Shops book.  He can look out for dairy items, fruit and veg, packets and jars as well as items from the bakery to name a few.

Entertaining children with i-SPY guides

One guide I know will get well used as the weather improves in the months ahead is the i-SPY Butterflies and Moths book.  With a bug hunter Gramps to help him when we visit Portugal in May, I just know there will be two heads over this book as they look for caterpillars as well as butterflies and moths.  We’ll also be on the hunt at home I’m sure.

You can see what I mean can’t you, entertaining children with i-SPY guides is fun, educational and enthralling.  So much so that we might have bought the i-SPY Zoo guide too for our next adventure.

I’ve included the Amazon Affiliate links below for the guides featured, and they are also available from all good book stores.  We love them, and I’m sure your children will too.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’m please to be able to offer 5 lucky readers the chance to win a bundle of these 4 i-SPY guides –  i-SPY Butterflies and moths, i-SPY Garden Birds, i-SPY At the shops and I-SPY In the City.

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94 thoughts on “Entertaining children with i-SPY guides – review and giveaway

  1. I Spy At the Hospital to entertain and distract a child who has an appointment or is an inpatient.

  2. Scottish Landmarks and animals as we are going on holiday there in May and my little boy loves I-Spy books!

  3. I Spy at the hospital because it is so useful for children and their anxieties they may have being at the hospital

  4. I would create ones that are based around specific countries and the animals you can find there, so when you go on holiday you can i spy for the native wildlife! 🙂

  5. I would go for I Spy UFOs I am pretty fascinated with all the recent mass sightings lately that pop up on facebook

  6. Maybe I spy at the beach would be good for when we are sitting eating lunch or putting sun cream on

  7. I Spy at the hospital, there is so much to spy which youngsters would find distracting and explain some things, would be really useful as a mini giveaway booklet which could also introduce those who haven’t encountered the series

  8. iSpy Boats at Sea – I live looking across the English Channel and we love the sea so wherever we go we look at boats, ships, yachts

  9. I’d do an I-Spy Humans – points for baby in a pram, old lady with a walking stick, bloke with a bear belly etc 🙂

  10. I’d do one in a cathedral. Because there’s lots of things to see there if you stop to look at the detail, and loads of interesting history behind them.

  11. I would create an i-spy for plants, trees and flowers which will help people identify them.

  12. Love these books so much, they’re brilliant for keeping everyone (grown ups included!) entertained on long days!
    iSpy at the hospital would be an amazing addition to keep kids minds busy if they’re ill 🙁

  13. I spy in the castle, as it would get the kids looking closer at Interesting historical items

  14. ISpy at the shopping centre, as my kids complain if i’m looking at clothes! Would give them something to do!

  15. I-Spy Marvel Characters because both my kids love Superheroes so it would be a good way to keep them entertained!

  16. I spy at Merlin theme parks and museums as its a huge family fave to go to these attractions and boredom killer in the queues at legoland, chessington… and keeps kids attention around ie Madam Tussauds, Shreks adventures etc as they cost enough to go!

  17. I Spy at the supermarket, because I love food and it would occupy the kids whilst I’m trying to shop.

  18. I spy at the airport and I spy in an aeroplane. It’s challenging keeping kids entertained for so long on a long flight

  19. I would chhose I spy in the marshes- there are lovely marsh walks around England and are full of birds,animals and insects native to the marshes only. Also seabirds usually known to be seen at the coast like the Cormorant and new comers like the Chinese water deer in the Norfolk Marshes! its a great place for spotting.

  20. Wild Flowers. When I was a child in the 1960s I loved I-Spy books and my favourite was the Wild Flowers one, from which I learned a lot about the flowers and plants growing all around me, whether on urban wasteland and verges or out in the countryside. I’d love it if my grandchildren could have the same experience.

  21. Cruise ships as loved seeing QE11 on tv as a kid and later sailed to New York many times on her.

  22. I spy at the supermarket, it would keep the kids quiet and from wanting everything

  23. I-Spy street furniture as I’m a little bit obsessed with taking pictures of cool examples on insta!!

  24. I spy on the farm, because we live in the countryside and there’s so much to see!

  25. I Spy At The Seaside! That’d be a fun distraction for when they’re tired of arcades!

  26. I-spy mini beasts, my niece loves all insects and creepy crawlies at the moment

  27. I Spy on the Road, to keep them occupied on long car journeys. Include vehicles such as car transporter, coach and cement lorry, animals such as horses, sheep and cows, and buildings such as church, pub and castle.

  28. There’s so many already that it’s difficult to think of a new one, but maybe I-spy people as I love a bit of people watching!

  29. iSpy an airport to keep the kids entertained and focused as you go through all the checks but also helping them understand importance of it all

  30. Ispy at the airport. It would cover all the things you can find whilst waiting to board. Would keep the kids busy

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