Explorer Dinosaurs! 

Explorer Dinosaurs! – review and giveaway

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I’m carrying on the dinosaur theme today.  We are big fans of the What On Earth? series of books and I was super excited to learn about the launch of the new Explorer Dinosaurs! book aimed at children aged 7-11 years of age.  Perfect for my almost 8-year-old son to enjoy.

Explorer Dinosaurs! 

Explorer Dinosaurs! was published on 16th October and as part of the fun of this book, there is a chance to become a secret agent, and the first 100 agents who crack the hidden code within the book will win a portion of a Coprolite Fossil, aka petrified dinosaur poo. What more can you ask for?  Well, actually there’s so much more than that crammed inside Explorer Dinosaurs!

Explorer Dinosaurs!

Join Agent Eagle as you look through the 175 pages tracing the history of the dinosaurs over 175 million years.   My son was thrilled to discover that as early as 1676 in Oxfordshire large bones were being discovered that belonged to no animal known to man.  It took until 1822 for those bones to be identified as being part of a Megalosaurus.

Explorer Dinosaurs!

With the wonderful illustrations in Explorer Dinosaurs! assisting, we learn about how the dinosaurs grew, what they ate and where they lived.

Explorer Dinosaurs!

In the Dinosaur lives chapter, the book looks at various dinosaurs, the period they lived in and gives us lots of interesting facts about them. While Dinosaur Survival looks at who some of these beasts had scales while others had feathers or armour.
The Cretaceous period was a time when dinosaurs really diversified and really did come in all shapes and sizes. Our family favourites, the T-Rex and Triceratops both come from this time.

Explorer Dinosaurs! also covers the death of the dinosaurs and what happened to wipe them off the face of the earth.  Questions such as ‘were the dinosaurs too big’ and ‘did the dinosaurs freeze’ are covered in this book too.

Explorer Dinosaurs!
My son did a lot of work on fossil hunting in Year Two of school and he was really interested to read more about some of the famous fossil hunters.  The book tells us about some of these hunters and what their specific interest in dinosaurs was too.
Explorer Dinosaurs!
Could some dinosaurs actually have survived, evolved and be living today? Explorer Dinosaurs! gives us clues as to how this could really be true.
Once you’ve read the book, there’s a quiz to complete to test your knowledge and then perhaps you could really make it as a super agent.
Explorer Dinosaurs!

As we’ve come to love with the What On Earth? series of books, Explorer Dinosaurs! comes with a fold out time line showing 100 different dinosaurs and where they fitted in across the various periods that the dinosaurs lived.  The timeline can be removed from the book if you want to have it on a wall as a poster too.

We’re both really impressed with Explorer Dinosaurs!, it’s full of facts and written in a way children can understand easily.  It’s a great addition to our collection and priced at £9.99 I can recommend it for any bookshelf.

I thought I might suggest something else for those dinosaur-loving fans out there that I came across recently.  You can have all sorts of creative fun whilst making use of some dinosaur clipart. From party invitations, greeting cards and decorations, there is a whole feast of options available.  Let me know if you try any of them out won’t you?

If you’re interested in purchasing Explorer Dinosaurs! for yourselves I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

We are also looking forward to the release of further titles in the Explorer series in the coming months, which will include Insects!, Plants! and Mammals!

107 thoughts on “Explorer Dinosaurs! – review and giveaway

  1. The current favourite dinosaur in our house is Coelophysis because they were so fast, vicious predators and hunted in huge packs. This changes on a very regular basis so the answer may well be different if you were asking tomorrow!

  2. The youngest hasn’t yet grasped that there are different types of dinosaur but I rather like the very ugly ones like Suzhousaurus.

  3. I love ankylosaurus, I had a toy of it as a kid so I always make sure I point him out to my son when we look at dino-books.

  4. My youngest likes the T-Rex best as he thinks it would eat his big brother and solve all his problems in one single “munch”.

  5. A stegosaurus because I will never forget when my daughter was 2 we were walking around a display of model dinosaurs & out of nowhere she pointed to it & shouted “stegiesoarus”! It was the cutest thing & incredible they she recognised it!

  6. my grandsons favourite is the triceratops, he is dinosaur mad and has been since he was two. Triceratops has always been his favourite

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