Exploring with Dinosaurs

Exploring with Dinosaurs – a review for Safari Ltd/Asobi

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I came across an American company called Safari Ltd on Instagram a while ago.  They supply a huge variety of hand painted plastic animals and I’d spotted some of Monkey’s favourites.  Safari Ltd have been producing these animals and figurines for over 30 years and their products are now distributed in the UK by Asobi. We were kindly sent something rather wonderful recently.  We’ve been exploring with dinosaurs!

Exploring with dinosaurs

We received the Dawn of the Dinosaurs Mega Toob, which contains a collection of 24 miniature dinosaurs aimed at children aged 3 years and over.  Perfect for a dinosaur obsessed 4 and half year old Monkey.

The set also comes with a removable world globe.

Exploring with dinosaurs

I don’t fully understand the relevance of this, but it’s fascinated Monkey.  Does this show us where the dinosaurs lived Mummy?  Well, yes I guess it could.  I hastily dug out our dinosaur reference books for assistance.  Actually, we’ve referred to this globe quite a lot, and it’s helping Monkey to really grasp that Granny and Gramps live in a different country.

Back to exploring with dinosaurs!  What do I love about this set?  The size! I don’t know about your kids, but Monkey has a few dinosaurs, most of which are rather large.

Exploring with dinosaurs

As you can see!  It’s caused upset before when he’s wanted to take his dinosaurs to Spain when we’ve visited my parents.  Monkey, they are too big.  Well now he has his Dawn of the Dinosaurs Mega Toob, size is no longer an issue.  These miniature dinosaurs are the perfect size to take on holiday, perfect to fit in a suitcase.  The tube case comes with a carry handle so you could take the whole set with you on a car journey.  We’ve got a few overnight stays over the summer holidays and this set will be coming with us.  I will have a very happy Monkey.

The dinosaurs all have great features, they are robust and well finished.  They are small though, so you would need to be careful with younger children.  They are brightly coloured, but realistic (so I’m told by my resident dinosaur expert).

Exploring with dinosaurs

The only downside from my point of view – of the 24 dinosaurs we received in our set there were 4 duplicates.  I’m not sure if that’s standard or just a picking issue.  It disappointed me slightly, but Monkey couldn’t care less.  Mummy don’t be silly!  I have some Mummy and a Daddy dinosaurs now.  Silly me, what do I know.

We’ve been exploring with dinosaurs all over the place.  They have been the first thing Monkey has played with in the morning ……

Exploring with dinosaurs

… they’ve been out again as soon as he’s got home from Nursery School …..

Exploring with dinosaurs

….. and we’ve been having lots of fun in the garden, exploring with dinosaurs.

At one point they all ended up in one of Daddy P’s veg boxes – what are you doing?  It’s a dinosaur train Mummy!  I’m taking them for a ride.  Lucky dinosaurs!  They’ve enjoyed trips to the sand pit, we even found one trying to wrestle the woodlice out of their bug hotel – naught dinosaur.

So you can tell that this set gets a big thumbs up from my dinosaur loving son.  We’ve both been really impressed with this set.  This set and others from the Safari Ltd range are available through Games Quest.   The Dawn of the Dinosaurs Mega Toob currently retails for £16.99; which I think represents great value for money.

disclaimer:  we were sent this set in exchange for an honest review

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  1. My children have pretty much all enjoyed playing with tiny worlds – I think that’s why micro machines and Sylvanian Families do so well. Tiny dinosaurs have got to be a hit, andas you mention – so portable!

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