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Eye Spy – book review and giveaway

I do love to introduce my son to books that are a little bit different.  Eye Spy by Guillaume Duprat is just one of those books.  Published through What On Earth? books earlier this month, Eye Spy introduces children to the world through the eyes of different animals and it’s rather fascinating.

Eye Spy

Aimed at children aged 7-11 years of age Eye Spy is a lift the flap book with a difference and my son and I have both enjoyed discovering how animals see the world around them.

Eye Spy

The 40 page hardback Eye Spy book shows children a scene as we would see it, and then through the book, you lift flaps to see how the same scene would be viewed by a range of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, insects and even the earth worm.

Eye Spy

Eye Spy explains the different types of eyes that animals can have, as well as their field of vision.  It makes children really think about where different animals eye’s are situated. Also, that, for example not all birds have their eyes in the same places.

Eye Spy

The book also looks at how different animals see movement and how they might see things in different colours to us, and even in infrared or ultraviolet.

Being a family of cat lovers we’ve been really intrigued to learn about how Brewster sees the world, both during the day and when he’s out exploring at night.

Eye Spy

I hadn’t realised that Brewster can see five times less clearly than we can but we are very aware that he’s very sensitive to movement.  He’s like a bullet when he sees a bird moving in our garden. He can’t tell the difference between red and green, which is also something I didn’t know.

Eye Spy

It’s been wonderful for my son to learn about the vision that different animals have.  I was a bit sceptical about a lift the flap style book for Key Stage Two but actually this one works really well.  The book is full of interesting information and the visuals really do engage children in this age group.

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Eye Spy book worth £14.99

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