My Fairy Garden Magic Bean Pot

My Fairy Garden Magic Bean Pot

You may remember that we reviewed the My Fairy Garden last year.  It was a big hit here as we watched the grass grow in Monkey’s imaginary world.  He loves the story of Jack and the Beanstalk so I wondered what he would think of the new My Fairy Garden Magic Bean Pot set.

My Fairy Garden Magic Bean Pot

We received the My Fairy Garden Magic Bean Pot with the Joy Fairy, there’s also a Hope Fairy set available. Both sets are aimed at children aged 4 years and over and come complete with a plant pot, fairy, yellow bird, spade, 2 magic beans, a saucer and instructions.

Monkey loved the fact that the Magic Beans had the fairy’s name on them and a love heart.  Apparently that just adds to the magic.

With it not being particularly warm recently we weren’t sure quite how well the magic beans would germinate, so I suggested that Monkey only plant one of them.  That way if it didn’t go quite to plan, we could try the second one and cheat by starting it off in the airing cupboard.

I’d dug some soil up from the garden before Monkey got home from school a couple of weeks ago.  He was then keen to get planting, he added soil to his plant pot, and used the spade to make a hole for the bean and to cover it over once it was planted.

With the plant pot sitting on the saucer, he watered it and we put it on our kitchen windowsill, which is the sunniest in the house.  Next came patience, as he had to wait for the magic to happen.

My Fairy Garden Magic Bean Pot

With our My Fairy Garden Magic Bean Pot set, we planted our first magic bean on 7th February, and with daily checking and watering, Monkey was overjoyed when he saw his beanstalk beginning to sprout on 17th February. The magic had worked!

We’ve left Joy and her bird friend to keep an eagle eye as our Magic Beanstalk grows in the coming weeks as the pot continues to sit on our sunny windowsill.

My Fairy Garden Magic Bean Pot

As the beanstalk grows we may well move it to a larger pot before moving it out to the garden.  Hopefully it will flower and we might even get to harvest some more beans!  We’ve also got the second bean to grow.  Exciting times ahead.  Once the beans have grown, you still have a plant pot, Joy fairy and accessories to play with, and you could grow all sorts of veg in the plant pot.

You can see the My Fairy Garden range in action in this video.

Priced at £6.99 I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

disclosure:  we were sent the item featured in exchange for an honest review.

7 thoughts on “My Fairy Garden Magic Bean Pot

  1. I think there’s nothing better than getting children growing things. I remember my Grandmother did it with me and I love gardening now. I repeated it with my kids and they appreciate nature on a different level. How exciting to see the little shoot for the first time… knowing you are responsible for it. Great photo and good luck with the Fairy Garden

  2. The pictures of Monkey planting the magic seed is so cute. Gardening is one thing the family do every spring break the kids are always excited to see their planted seed sprout and grow. We are planting tomatoes and veggies this spring.

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