Fairytale: A True Story

Fairytale: A True Story – DVD review and giveaway

Do you believe in fairies?  I certainly did as a child and Monkey has a bit of a thing for elves and the like at the moment. We’ve been lucky enough to watch Fairytale: A True Story on DVD recently which has brought back lots of childhood memories.  The DVD goes on national release on 23rd March through Icon Film Distribution and is based on the true story of the Cottingley Fairies.

Fairytale: A True Story

Fairytale: A True Story is based on the story of two cousins who supposedly captured fairies on camera in the meadows of Cottingley on the outskirts of Bradford in 1917.

Fairytale: A True Story

The film had me captivated from the start.  I knew the story but had forgotten the details. Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths believe in fairies and magical worlds as did Elsie’s brother who had recently passed away.  Frances’s own mother has died and her father in missing in action in World War One.  We follow the girls on a magical journey of hope and dreams as their photographs capture the imagination of the country, at a time when innocence needs to be recaptured.

Fairytale: A True Story

Peter O’Toole plays Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (writer of the Sherlock Holmes stories) who discovers the girls photographs, and so the media furor begins.  Fairytale: A True Story also brings us Harvey Keitel as Harry Houdini, the famous escape artist who takes a little longer to believe the girls than Doyle.

Fairytale: A True Story

Fairytale: A True Story is totally enchanting, a film that the family can enjoy together and we’ve really enjoyed watching it. I love films that are based on real life events and this film doesn’t disappoint.  There’s a real feel good factor to the story and it reminds us all that children have a wonderful imagination, which we as adults seem to leave in our youth.

I’m really pleased that we can share the Fairytale: A True Story DVD with two of my readers – just complete the gleam form below for your chance to win one of two copies I have to share.  Good luck!


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Fairytale: A True Story DVD

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  5. ShineSpark – to spread the sunshine over the flowers during the day and sprinkle the starts at night …. I may have been watching too much Tinekerbell recently! (highly recommend the new film btw).

  6. I think I would be magic findalot as My children never seem to be able to find anything yet I can just lay my hand on it straight away 😉

  7. Flutterby – just because id want to just flutter around minding my own buisness 😀

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  9. Mine would be maicakes – mai is my middle name, and i LOVE cupcakes and all cakes in general. I’d have a cute pink sparkly dress with a cupcake on it and sugary wings

  10. April sunbeam because my daughter is called April and she’s my little beam of sunshine

  11. I looked it up- Kim’s fairy name is ‘Oak Willow Glimmer’ I can only be seen when the sun sets on the day of a completed harvest. I wear pretty autumnal leaf colours and has delicate green coloured wings like a cicada.

  12. PWE, beause when we were naming our youngest son we named him Peter William Evans thinking nobody would shorten that !

  13. Flutterby as I would always flutterby and sprinkle fairy dust on everyone that needed it

  14. Miracle Fairy because with a flash of fairy does the housework is done and everyone is fed and happy 😉

  15. my fairy name would be Jessminda. my name is Jessica but i had a friend when i was younger and she always called me Jessminda. I remember we watched this film once and made a fairy castle after (lol) haven’t seen the film for years!

  16. flutterby – a play on pretty butterflies and like a butterfly I would just flutterby because there would be so much to see from above!

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    Luna because I love the name and my favourite time of day is the nighttime, Laila as she is an angel / fairy who protects newborns (perfect for me as a mum) and Rhoslyn as I am Welsh and the name means rose, my favourite flower!

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    He brings good fortune. He lives in church yards and places of the dead. He can only be seen during the first snow of winter. He wears silver and white feathers and has multicoloured wings like a butterfly.

  20. Hi – New blog liker – Was this a remake/rerelease? I had this on VHS when I was around 6 ish 20 odd years ago and I know have it on dvd but that was bought 6/7 years ago 🙂 Ema

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