Family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY

Family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY – AD sent for review and giveaway

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned for the purpose of review

If you’re looking for last-minute gift ideas for Christmas or something to keep everyone entertained then I’ve got some family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY.  We were recently sent a bundle of goodies and today I’m sharing them with you.

Family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY

We received the Extreme set of Puff Ball, Articulate! Phrases and the KiiPix.

We’ve been big fans of the Drumond Park games brand for years now and were keen to see a couple of their latest offerings.  First up is Puff Ball, a fun family game for two or more players aged six years and over.  There are four different Puff Ball sets that you can purchase; a starter set with sixteen components, Mid-size set with thirty-one components, a Large set with forty-one pieces and the Extreme set with fifty-seven pieces.

Family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY

The different components enable players to create a range of tracks with varying levels of difficulty.

Family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY

The leaflet that comes with Pull Ball gives you an idea of a few tracks to try out, along with the different stunts you can create on the tracks.

The idea of the game is to blow the balls from one end of the track to the other.  You can race against each other to see who is the fastest Puff Baller.  It sounds so much easier than it is, and we’ve had a lot of fun working on our technique and trying to get the balls through stunts such as the Mousetrap, Golf Tee and Curve Bridge stunt.

It’s the kind of game with real longevity as you can create different tracks, add in different levels and practice really is the key.  It’s a game I can see families really enjoying together.

Families with older children will enjoy another Drumond Park game, this time Articulate! Phrases which is aimed at players aged twelve years and over and can be played by four to twenty+ players.

Family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY

In Articulate! Phrases players form teams and try to move around the board from the start to finish segments as quickly as possible. The game comes with the playing board, playing pieces, timer, cards and instructions.

Family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY

Players within each team decide whether to be describers or guessers and then pit themselves against the timer to guess as many correct phrases before the timer runs out.  Depending on where players are on the board will determine whether they are trying to guess phrases from different categories – pot luck, leisure, savings or every day.  When the timer runs out the Describer counts the number of correctly answered cards, and the team moves on the relevant number of spaces and play then moves to the next team.


Family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY

Should you land on a Control Segment in white, then the Describer describes a phrase to all teams.  There is no time limit and whichever team shouts out the correct answer first wins control of the board.  Should the same team as the describer guess correctly, then a different person from their team describes again.

When a team has reached the finish segment, to win the game the describer must pick a control phrase and play to all teams.  To win their team must answer correctly first if they don’t then they must wait for their next turn to try again.

This is another great family game to enjoy, good for families with older children and one teenagers can enjoy with parents and grandparents alike this Christmas.

Finally something a little different, which I think everyone will love this Christmas and beyond. If you love taking photos then you are going to love the TOMY KiiPix as much as we do.

Family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY

You will need to make an additional purchase to use the KiiPix as it doesn’t come with film, but the Fujifilm Insta mini packs are readily available on Amazon.

Family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY

The KiiPix is a smartphone picture printer, providing instant memories to keep in print.  My son has never seen an Instamatic camera before, so he was fascinated to see photos developing before his eyes.

It’s so easy to use, load the film in the back, fold the sides out, place the frame to hold your phone on top, place your

for phone into the frame with the photo you want to print facing down, press the shutter, turn the dial and wait for your photo to pop out!

For some instant photo printing fun, you can’t go wrong.  The images we’ve printed so far are a little dark, but to capture some instant memories, it’s a great idea.  No batteries needed either which is always a winner here and it fits compactly in a handbag too!

I’ve included my Amazon affiliate links (I do earn from qualifying purchases in case you’d like this range of family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY.

I’ve teamed up with TOMY to offer three readers the chance to win one of the three items featured in this post.  The first person picked at the end of the giveaway will win the KiiPix worth £39.99 (film not included), the second person picked will win Articulate! Phrases worth £32.99 and the third person picked will win Puff Ball Extreme worth £24.99. Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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The giveaway will close on 12th January 2020 at midnight.

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225 thoughts on “Family fun ideas for all ages from TOMY – AD sent for review and giveaway

    1. I’d love to win artculate for my four children, they love a good family game, we also like games which challenge us.

  1. the KiiPix would be lovely to use with my grandchildren, I’m sorry I put my comment in the Gleam box first x

  2. The Kiipix because my sister takes so many photos.I would give it to her and she could print out some photos of my nephew and niece for me!

  3. I would love to try Articulate as I have heard a lot about it. Our family are very competitive so this could be fun!

  4. Hello! I would be delighted to win any of the prizes but I think my favourite is the ‘Articulate! Phrases’ board game as we would all have fun playing that. Thank you.

  5. We would have great fun with articulate phrases, once a month we have a family games night so this would be a prize we can use all year through

  6. Articulate, I’ve been considering getting this for a while as I think the whole family would love playing it
    Jane Willis

  7. KiiPix would be my first choice but any of them are great. It would be great to print out photos to send to family

  8. I would love to win Puff Ball extreme for my Grandson as he loves building and designing things. It looks fun for all the family too!

  9. I think the Articulate Phrases would be fun for us! We play the original one a lot so would be good to try that out 🙂

  10. I would love to win the kiipix the most so the kids could capture memories. They would have so much fun with this.

  11. Articulate phrases to play on our annual board games day. We love our games and really welcome new ones.

  12. I’d love the kii pix. Would love to be able to.print photos straight away from my phone! I have a clip up frame in my house and I love to change the pics constantly but it’s a pain to have to keep getting them printed so this would be ace!

  13. I’d like to winn the Kii Pix, my daughter would then be able to print and share her photos with her friends.

    1. Articulate! Phrases. I’m quite competitive and love a game where there’s a bit of skill involved!

  14. I love the look of kiipix. I love that I can print pictures from my smartphone. My son is always needing photos for school projects so it would be great if we could print them at home.

  15. The Kiipix would be great as my grandson has just got his first phone, so I know this would be great fun for us to use

    1. I’d like to win the Kii Pix as I have young children and so many photos on my phone ghat never get printed, it would be great to print them straight away.

  16. I’d love to win the KiiPix as we always end up with so many photos on our phones that never get printed

  17. I’d love the KiiPix as we have so many photos on our phones that never get printed off and I’d love to get them all printed and into an album

  18. I would love to win Articulate Phrases we as a family love playing games not just Christmas but when we meet up. Now the grandkids are getting older the older ones want something more inline with their age group..We have Trivial Pursuit from years ago but the questions are so old hat & dated so i would love to bring this board game to the table.

  19. Articulate Phrases would be great to win please. As a family, we love playing word games, and this looks a lot of fun for my grandson aged 11.

  20. Has to be the TOMY KiiPix as it would be great for my family and I could use it to take more pictures with my cat and my gf she would love it as well.

  21. The Articulate Phrases game sound like lots of fun and our family would certainly enjoy it.

  22. I would love to win the smart phone printer because I have so many family photos on my phone and it would be great to print and share them!

    1. I’d love to win the Kiipix, I take so many photos of my baby girl on my photo, and while I do try and get lots printed out, this would be so much more convenient and mean I could print out more!

  23. Probably the Articulate Phrases, the Puff Ball looks it would annoy me after a very short period of time

  24. The Kiipix because I have loads of photos that this would be useful for (commenting as Jacqui Rushton)

  25. I’d love to win Articulate! Phrases because we are big Articulate! fans and this looks like a fab addition to the collection

  26. I love the idea of The KiiPix. Isn’t is funny that us oldies think of instant camera’s as something ‘old school’ but as you say, the youngsters haven’t seen them before, so to them this is new and marvelous. It makes me wish I’d saved all my old ‘tech’ because eventually it will come back into fashion.

  27. Articulate – all my kids love word games like this – we’d have a right laugh I think (I have 7 children so it gets noisy haha)

  28. I’d love the Articulate! Phrases as we’re always looking for new board games to play as a family.

  29. I’d love to win the TOMY KiiPix, there’s so many occasions that we take photos on our phones and they just stay there and are never displayed for all to see. My daughter is just 12 and has received her first phone for Christmas (a hand me down) – I’d love to win her this which will allow her to display the lovely photos she has been taking. I might borrow it too for a few prints of my own.

  30. puff ball would be fun with my kids on weekly game night well day we play games every sunday together the lil ones love it

  31. The KiiPix sounds amazing! What a great way to print important or fun memories rather than store them in my mobile for ages.

  32. The KiiPix as it looks perfect for printing out all the amazing memories I have taken photos off on my phone. Perfect to put in my scrapbook

  33. The KiiPix, I’ve been intrigued by it for a while. I like the idea of printing my photos with minimal effort.

  34. Articulate looks like great fun and our family just LOVES a new board game…..this Christmas we bought Cluedo for the first time and just loved it!!!

  35. Articulate would be brilliant!!! It looks like great fun and our family loves a board game! We bought Cluedo this Christmas and have had tonnes of fun playing that.

  36. I’d love to win Articulate! Phrases as we love board games and have a family game night every week!

  37. I’d love to win the Kiipix printer for my eldest daughter, she would love it for selfies with her friends!

  38. I would love to win kiipix. Would be lovely for printing photos of my baby girl. I take LOADS!

  39. Articulate phrases looks great family fun, as a family we love playing Articulate and have had many of fun nights laughing and a few arguments playing the game, so I’m sure we would have as much fun with this game

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