Fisher Price Take n Play – a review

Fisher Price Take n Play – a review

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As you all know by now, we love trains in this house; both Monkey and I have grown up with Thomas the Tank Engine! Not long ago we reviewed the Thomas & Friends Spills and Thrills DVD.  When we were asked if we’d like to review a couple of things from the Fisher Price Take n Play range, how could we refuse!

We received the Fisher Price Take n Play Spills and Thrills on Sodor play set

Fisher Price Take n Play

and Fisher Price Take n Play Stepney Engine.  I had one very happy Monkey as you can imagine!

Fisher Price Take n Play

We knew of the Fisher Price Take n Play range as one of Monkey’s NCT buddies Miss E has a couple of sets.  Monkey has often played with the sets when we’ve visited.  The trains are smaller than those with wooden railways and the Trackmaster sets.  But they do have magnets, which is always a winner!  The sets are aimed at children aged 3 years and over, perfect for a 4 and half year old Monkey.

Fisher Price Take n Play

The Spills and Thrills on Sodor set is easy to assemble.  The main track clicks into place easily.

Fisher Price Take n Play

One thing to note though is that once the main frame is put together, you can’t take it apart.  From a parent’s point of view this is a shame.  It makes storage a bit more difficult, especially as it doesn’t fit in the packing box when assembled. I’d envisaged being able to take this set to Spain when we visit Granny and Gramps, but in reality that’s not possible.

Fisher Price Take n Play

But from Monkey’s point of view he has loved the Take n Play Spills and Thrills on Sodor set.  He is used to tracks that he can assemble any way he likes; I was interested to see how he would play with a pre-defined track.  He loved it.  His imagination still ran riot.

Fisher Price Take n Play

The Spills and Thrills on Sodor set comes complete with a Thomas train, lever, signal, drawbridge, a piece of cargo and some messy green paint to cover Thomas in!

Send Thomas down the track, he knocks over the signal, crosses over the drawbridge, sends cargo down the zip-line and crashes through the paint shed getting covered in paint.

You do need to rest the Spills and Thrills on Sodor set against a wall, door or piece of furniture as it tilts.  The set has a handy carry handle on the top section, and any Take n Play engine can go down the track although Monkey discovered that Stepney’s funnel is too tall to fit in the ‘paint’ in the paint shed.  This didn’t stop him playing with both engines with this set.

Monkey knows the Fisher Price Take n Play Stepney Engine character from his books and other play sets.  He loved joining Stepney and Thomas together, letting them race down the Spills and Thrills track, racing them on the carpet.  Generally having fun with trains.

Monkey was happy to watch the engines whizz down the track but would also happily push them down, making his own play scenarios up.  He even got his crane involved in a bit of track repair at one point.

Fisher Price Take n Play

He has had hours of fun with this set.  It works well as a stand alone set, although it can easily be linked up to more Take n Play track.  There are also other Spills and Thrills sets to collect – Whiff’s Banana Blooper, Stanley’s Construction Clash and Bash’s Tree Tumble.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Fisher Price Take n Play Spills and Thrills set, and by the amount of play Monkey has had with it.  The set is available from Amazon and other retailers for £24.99, Stepney costs around £6.49.

You can see how much fun Monkey has had in this little video.

Have you tried the Take n Play range?  What do you think?  This is what my friend A had to say:

I have found the Take n Play range an excellent choice, for both my son , age 2 and daughter age 4.  I can’t say that for many toys!  ….. With the variety of trains and Take n Play sets available it definitely has longevity and keeps children’s interest.

disclaimer:  we were sent these items in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. Oooh this looks heaps of fun – my boys love Thomas. In fact they love any trains. This set would fascinate them, they would love the hills! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. that does look great fun for Thomas fans. I agree with you though that it is a shame you can’t dismantle when you wish #TriedTested

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