Flags of the World

Flags of the World – AD Sent for review and giveaway

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When I was a child I was fascinated by flags, and I still have my paperback book full of them.  Of course, a number of them have changed in the last forty years.  When I was looking at the Tactic Games stall at Blog On in September there were a couple of games that I thought would work really well for us.  Today I’m sharing the first of those games, Flags of the World, which is aimed at players aged eight years and over.

Flags of the World

The card game can be played with two-six players and typical playtime takes around twenty minutes.  My nine-year-old son and I have found Flags of the World a great after school wind down game.

Flags of the World comes with two hundred double-sided cards, six continent boards and a world map.

Flags of the World

The object of the game is to correctly identify the correct country for the flags and then place them in the right continent. The players with the most correctly guessed countries on the correct continent wins.

Flags of the World

The double-sided flag cards are colour coded by continent, and you decide which continents you want to play before you start the game.  The number of cards played also depends on the number of players playing any one game.  For example, in a two-player game, you will use forty question cards, so you shuffle the continent cards you’ve decided to play, deal out forty into a question card deck and the remaining cards from those continents are stacked in a scoring deck. Deal four-question cards to each player, all cards are placed flag side up.

Flags of the World

Players take it, in turn, to choose one of their opponents flags to guess the correct country.  They only get one chance to guess, the owner of the card checks that the answer is correct.  If the player doesn’t recognise any of the flags they must pick one anyway and guess.  There are clues on the back of each card to help plays work out the relevant country.

Flags of the World

So far we’ve concentrated on the continents where I knew my son would have a good idea of most of the flags and we’ll slowly introduce more unfamiliar ones for him to learn.  We’ve had lots of fun already playing Flags of the World and learning more about each country too.

Flags of the World

We’ve also learned that I need to brush up on my flag knowledge! Much to my son’s delight. I do love games where we can learn as we play, and I can see us having lots of fun with Flags of the World for a long time to come.

Flags of the World is available from The Range AND selected Toymaster stores (it’s in their Christmas catalogue).  I’ll be sharing information on the sister game, Wonders of the World soon!

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135 thoughts on “Flags of the World – AD Sent for review and giveaway

  1. I love the Canadian flag, it’s so bright and distinctive and if I’m honest reminds me of delicious maple syrup!

  2. The New Zealand flag is my favourite. Always get emotional when i see it raised and also when I hear the national anthem.

  3. The flag of China, I spent quite a bit of time there working and travelling, so it reminds me of happy times!

  4. The flag of China, I spent quite a bit of time working and travelling there, so it reminds me of happy times

  5. this is honestly something i have never thought about lol i would say the welsh flag because it looks cool and is very iconic x

  6. I like the Union Jack, I like that there is only one way to fly it and many people fly it upside down by mistake, but most people don’t notice.

  7. South African flag, I grew up in South Africa, so its special in that way, but also I love the bright colours.

  8. The Union FLAG. It should only be called the Union JACK when it is flown at the jackstaff of a warship. So there!

  9. I like the Brazil flag as it is bold and bright but also has the globe on showing a bigger picture too

  10. the Welsh flag – it’s the only flag from the United Kingdom that isn’t represented in the Union Jack! and it has a dragon on 🙂

  11. I like the flag of Seychelles, because it’s colourful and the pattern is different to a lot of other flags!

  12. What’s your favourite flag and why? . . . the Welsh flag, not only because l live in Wales but it is colourful and more interesting than simple stripes / squares / stars etc

  13. Australia! Im originally from Australia so when I see it, I feel proud and honoured to be Austrailan! Been living in the UK for 16 years now!

  14. My favourite is the Union Jack. I love the way the flags of the separate countries are combined. I am also proud to be British

  15. I really like the Union Jack because I think the way they’ve integrated the countries flags into one is so clever

  16. Greece. I love blue, plus it reminds me of being over there for my Greek friend’s wedding which coincided with Greece winning the European cup. What an atmosphere!

  17. The isle of man flag as it’s got the three legs of man io it and whatever way you throw it it always lands io its feet.

    1. I love the Isle of Man flag as it’s really unique to the country and one you will always recognise

  18. It’s all about the Stars and Stripes in our house at the moment as Lucas’ term topic at school is currently Road Trip Across the USA

  19. The Welsh flag because it’s got a red dragon on it and every time I go to Wales it feels like going home

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