FloraQueen flower delivery service

FloraQueen flower delivery service

It’s always nice to receive flowers; whether they are sent for a celebration, or as a surprise for family and friends.  I thought it was time to treat myself last month, I was getting fed up with those dull May days and decided to try out the FloraQueen flower delivery service.

FloraQueen flower delivery service

FloraQueen are an online delivery service for flowers and plants, which can be ordered and delivered in over 90 countries.  They work with local florists so there is no risk of receiving damaged blooms via a postal delivery.

The website offers a wide selection of bouquets, plants, gift items and accessories.  There are three size options available for bouquets.  I do think there could be more information on what you get per size bouquet – number of blooms etc.  I love lilies and wanted something nice and bright so I opted for the Summer Dream bouquet consisting of lilies, roses and gerberas in yellow and orange.

FloraQueen flower delivery service

The bouquet arrived promptly and was packaged as you would expect from a florist delivery service. A sachet of flower food was included with my delivery too.

FloraQueen flower delivery service

I had expected the gerberas to be orange to add a bit of contrast to the yellow roses, but the flowers did look lovely.

I eagerly awaited the lilies to burst into bloom, as they were tightly budded on delivery.  3 days later the first lily appeared.

I’m not quite sure why, but my bouquet didn’t really last as long as I’d hoped.  After 8 days the roses and gerberas had drooped and only one lily had bloomed, the others were ‘going over’ before coming out.  I’d done nothing differently from normal, so I was a little disappointed.  But I’ve checked with other friends who received bouquets through the FloraQueen service and they were all really pleased with their flowers and their longevity, so think I was just unlucky.

The prices hold up well in comparison to other floral delivery services and I’d certainly try the service again.

disclaimer:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.



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