FootBubbles with Lionel Messi

Now I’d be lying if I said that Monkey was the sportiest of children. It’s all rather alien to me as I grew up surrounded by my brothers muddy football boots and footie kit.  Monkey kicks a football around a bit but I recently discovered something which I thought might ignite a real passion for the national sport.  Let me introduce you to FootBubbles, the fun new craze backed by a footballer even I’ve heard of, Lionel Messi.

FootBubbles with Lionel Messi

The FootBubbles kit comes with special socks and a 57ml bottle of special bubble mixture, a football styled bubble dish and a bubble blower.  What does it all do?  Well the idea is that you can blow special bubbles that will bounce off these FootBubbles socks, you can perform all kinds of footie tricks and have fun with your friends.

FootBubbles with Lionel Messi

It all sounded great, but I have to be honest, so far we’ve really struggled with this game. The bubbles are quite hard to blow off the blower.  Once you’ve managed that, you need to be super quick to ‘kick’ the bubble before it hits the floor so that you can try to impress with your footie tricks.  It’s still very much work in progress here with my nearly 5 year old Monkey.

Eileen‘s children are a little older than a Monkey but they’ve also struggled to play FootBubbles to its full potential yet.  It’s a game that requires practice and determination, and hopefully we’ll get to grips with it in the months to come.

The game is aimed at children aged 6+ and I would say that’s correct.  The socks are available in different colours, in one size and are made from an acrylic/spandex mix. They need to be washed by hand.  Monkey is virtually a size 13 now, and they fit him well with some room for growth as they are quite stretchy once on.

FootBubbles with Lionel Messi

It’s worth noting that FootBubbles can get a little messy when the bubbles burst.  We’ve played indoors in the kitchen so I could easily clean up the sticky residue.  Ideally this is a game for outdoors but then you have the practicality of playing in socks rather than shoes/boots/trainers.

Priced at £10.65 for the Starter set, I’m sure children will love the idea of FootBubbles, especially with Christmas wish list time approaching.  Additional Bubble Mixture is available in 118ml bottles priced at £6.97.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate links below for your information.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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