Forest Folk Tales for children

Forest Folk Tales for children – AD sent for review and giveaway

There’s something about a hardback book that just makes me want to curl up on the sofa with my son and have a good storytelling session.  They just seem so much more tactile than paperback books, don’t you think?  We’ve been enjoying reading the stories in Forest Folk Tales for children recently which shares stories from across the country.

Forest Folk Tales for children

Written by Tom Phillips, Forest Folk Tales for children is published on 3rd June through The History Press. aimed at children aged between 7-11 years of age, the book features different folk tales from as far apart as the Yorkshire Forests down to The New Forst in Hampshire.

Forest Folk Tales for children

We’ve been to a few of the forests mentioned in the book which has added to our enjoyment of the stories. My son has loved the idea of Hobs, the little men who live in houses, and reading about The Hob at Hart Hall kept him spellbound. There might well have been giggles when he discovered that the hob had no clothes on.  We’d both like to believe that there are dragons lurking somewhere undiscovered.  We spent time last year in the Welsh mountains, so it was lovely to read a story talking about Merlin, Vortigern and the dragons woken from their century-old sleep.

At the end of each section of Forest Folk Tales for children, there is a fact file and a suggestion of something to do.  Fighting a log dragon is something we’ll be trying over the holidays I’m sure.

Each story is beautifully written in a way that engages children and keeps them hooked.  From ghostly white rabbits to tales of witches and curses, Forest Folk Tales for children is a wonderful collection of tales from yesteryear and a book we’ve very much enjoyed reading together.

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Forest Folk Tales for children worth £12.00

101 thoughts on “Forest Folk Tales for children – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. It is surprisingly difficult to get to forests and woodlands without a car but I will say Sherwood Forest which I have always wanted to visit

  2. Buckholt Wood near Gloucester is my favourite as in the springtime it’s covered in a blanket of Bluebells, it’s beautiful!

  3. I’ve only been there once, but Sherwood Forest as I’m a huge fan of the 80s tv show Robin of Sherwood.

  4. St. Ives near Bingley in West Yorkshire near where I live it has lovely walks and streams and a huge pond . Lots of wildlife to be seen

  5. The Cannock chase forest as it’s my local woodland to visit it’s absolutely beautiful and kids love to see the nature and wildlife

  6. I love Sherwood forest because I grew up watching maid Marian and then later on in my childhood we would holiday there and I loved the robin hood connection

  7. Dalby Forest because it is a beautiful forest with the Adderstone which you can climb up.

  8. Sherwood Forest apparently the famous and ancient Major Oak tree was set on fire the day I was born (ominous). Luckily it still survives supported by truss rods amongst the rest of the trees. It’s a beautiful place packed with history and legend.

  9. We have some beautiful woodland where we live in Yorkshire. My favourite time to walk in it is May when the bluebells are flowering. A feast for the eyes and nose!

  10. My favourite is delemere forests as I would visit there so many times during my childhood, its one of my favourite spots

  11. What’s your favourite forest or woodland and why?
    our local wood, Cosmeston Park which is our local nature reserve

  12. Cwm Carn forest drive in South Wales is lovely, there’s a lovely walk and the kids can spot wooden sculptures like unicorns and fairies along the way.

  13. Boar woods which were the woods in Germany near where I lived, they got their nickname because of the wild boars which used to chase you when they had young ones.

  14. I love to visit Kew gardens some of trees have been there centuries, it’s a beautiful place to walk around.

  15. Thank you for the amazing review of my new book! It make me burst with excitment!!! I also have ‘Leicestershire Folk Tales for Children out’ which, although not a wonderful hardback, is beautifully illsutrated.
    Good luck everyone with the competition, I hope whoever wins really enjoys it 🙂

  16. Our local COUNTRY park – miles and miles to discover – always something new to see

  17. I have made a little woodland walk in my garden for the grandchildren,i call it the magic wood ( its tiny but they like it,the Gruffalo lives there )

  18. Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire is really lovely and so much history as well as wildlife.

  19. I love Dalby Forest but theres a new fairy woodland opening up nearby and I think that may sway me 😀

  20. salcey foreest in northamptonshire i ave so many wonderful memories of playign as a child with my best friend who has since died, ill never forget the amazing times we shared

  21. Oh this sounds wonderful… I can’t choose a favourite forest because they’re all so wonderful (often in different ways) but there’s a small woodland near my home that I spend a lot of time in that will always be very special to me

  22. There’s a gorgeous woodland in Chatelherault where a duke once held his hunting quarters, its a magical place

  23. Forrest near childhood home. As we (family and friends) would visit this Forrest as children :- Catch tadpoles, etc. Childhood adventures.

  24. Queenswood because there are lovely quiet areas with benches that you can sit and read and it is surrounded by Japanese trees.

  25. I love the woodlands around our family farm. I used to walk for hours in them ever week getting lost in my imagination

  26. The Forest of Dean is really lovely and very interesting to visit. I love it because it keeps my family occupied.

  27. Ashdown Forest. It is a stunning, ancient place for adults and children alike, to have adventures and get lost in.

  28. My favourite woods are probably in Kielder, Northumberland. They are so beautiful and wild, they really make me feel alive.

  29. We love grizedale – sometimes when you’re among the trees it feels like you’ve gone back in time and are all alone in the world – it’s so inspiring and feels amazing!

  30. we love delamere forest theres so much to do and explore not to forget its very own hatchmere lake

  31. I love my local Tyrrels Wood in Norfolk – it is beautiful and at the centre is an ancient woodland site named Boscus de Grischave, which can be found in records dating back to 1251

  32. I love the beautiful New Forest area as I lived close to it as a child and have a lot of great memories.

  33. Jesmond Dene in Newcastle – I went there with my grandfather when I was little and remember it seeming magical

  34. I love Thetford Forest in Norfolk. We used to go there when we were kids and we used to drop my dad off there, he would then ride on his bike to catch the ferry to Holland.

  35. We have a little wooded area near us where everyone walks their dog. Ever year it fills with a haze of blue when the bluebells appear. It’s nickname therefor is bluebell wood.

  36. Thetford Forest in Norfolk. It’s local to me. Lots of green space, play equipment for the kids, Go Ape, bike rides.

  37. I love the woods above my house in West Yorkshire. They’re only small however I can walk my dog there without seeing anyone in sight.

  38. I lived in Hampshire for part of my childhood, and I love the New Forest, especially the wild ponies. My uncle took my sister, cousins and me camping in the New Forest one summer holiday, which we all really enjoyed as he knew lots about nature and bushcraft. I didn’t find out till years later that it’s actually illegal to camp there!

  39. The small wooded glade area of our local park which is apparently where the teddy bears have their picnic!! Haven’t spotted them yet though

  40. The forest behind my house as the small humans have so much fun there when we walk through it

  41. I love our local forest in the Goyt Valley. It has a path lined with fir tree needles which glows gold when the sun hits it in the morning.

  42. I love the New Forest – love all the scenery and all the wild animals that live there.

  43. I love the Clappers in Bedford. I have many happy memories from my childhood of that place.

  44. I love Burroughs Wood in Hinkley because it is so pretty when carpeted in bluebells.

  45. We love the New Forest, it’s only a half hour drive from us and always feels relaxing and peaceful. The ponies wandering around make it feel extra special too!

  46. Sherwood Forest because it holds so many magical memories from my childhood, and I love the folklore around it

  47. I love Hargate Forest in Tunbridge Wells. Just about this time of year you can see White Admiral butterflies there. Not very common and you have to go looking and they are delightful to see.

  48. We love our local woodland in West Sussex. There are folk tales of dragon slaying, and my sons are fascinated by the idea that we might find evidence of the slain dragon…

  49. I love the massive Richmond Park because of the gorgeous deer you can spot there and New Forest because of the wild horses.

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