Framing memories with Photowall

Framing memories with Photowall – review and giveaway

As you all know I am always taking photographs, my son is used to me snapping away whenever we are out and about, whether it’s for a college assignment, the blog or just to capture moments in our day.  It’s part of our every day life and I can’t see that ever changing.  I also love having photos of my son on the wall, being able to look at precious snapshots of our adventures.  He has a favourite tree that he likes to climb in, at his happy place, Stowe.  We’ve had a picture on the wall from there for almost two years now, and on one of our visits last autumn he asked if we could recreate that shot.  So we did, and I did get a few really lovely shots and now I’m framing memories with Photowall, as I update my living room wall with the latest image.

Framing memories with Photowall

Photowall are an online company providing wall murals and photo canvas’.  You can either choose from their own library of images or upload your own image.  I knew my OH would never go for the idea of a wall mural and I do love being able to mix and match photos up so framing memories with Photowall, using their photo canvas service was definitely the best option for us.

The upload process is really easy, and you can decide whether you want to receive just a rolled up canvas or the 2.9cm wooden DIY frame to go with it.  I had a look at the instructions for putting the frame together, they looked easy, so I went for that option. You then get to choose the edge you’d like – wrap around, white or black.  The other photo canvas’ we have up in the living room mostly have a white edging, which I prefer, so I opted for that this time around.  you then decide on the size of canvas you want and if your photo needs cropping.  I had a specific space in mind for our new photo canvas, so I opted for a 40x60cm  canvas with frame, which works out at £52.00 including delivery.

It really was a very easy, pain-free process.  Delivery was also very prompt and before I knew it I was unwrapping my box ready to begin framing memories with Photowall.

Framing memories with Photowall

The box contains the photo canvas, 4 sections of wooden frame, corner plates, screws, hanging plate, screws and wall plugs as well as easy to follow instructions.

Framing memories with Photowall

I decided to put my frame together on the floor as larger flat surfaces are a rarity in this house.  I removed the canvas from its cover and unrolled it placing it picture side down on the floor. Each section of the wooden frame has a double-sided tape running along one edge.  You remove the film and place the sticky side down on to the edge of one of the canvas sides, firm down and continue until all four sections are in place.

When you’ve done this you fold the corner sections of the canvas back onto the frame.

Framing memories with Photowall

Before pushing the frame sections in towards each other.

Framing memories with Photowall

Then you fix the corner plates with the screws provided, literally just twist into place.  I did struggle to get one of the screws in, but as all the others have gone in without an issue, the frame is secure.

Now it was time for the moment of truth, how would the canvas look on the photo side?

Framing memories with Photowall

I’m really pleased with it, the finish is good and the quality of the reproduction is just as I’d expect.  Framing memories with Photowall has worked out well and I’d certainly opt for the DIY framing option again.  Now to hang it on the wall.

Framing memories with Photowall

I’ve been really impressed with the overall service from Photowall and am thrilled with our new print.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’ve teamed up with Photowall to offer one lucky reader the chance to create a Photo Canvas for themselves, which could be worth by to £160 depending on the size of frame you select!  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

Terms and conditions:

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Only the first step of this form is mandatory, all other steps are optional. Only one entry per person is allowed.

This giveaway is for UK residents only.

Once a winner is randomly picked, I will check if the winner has done what was requested and I will contact them, if they do not reply within one week, the prize will be allocated to another person.  Voucher must be processed on Photowall site by 28th March 2018.

The giveaway will close on 14th February 2018 at midnight.

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Photowall Photo Canvas worth up to £160

237 thoughts on “Framing memories with Photowall – review and giveaway

  1. I have a lovely picture of myself and my little grandson. I would use that for my canvas and give it to my beloved son so he has something special when his mother is no longer here.

  2. I would use one of my own as I have so many lovely pictures of my family I would love to make into a canvas.

  3. I’d use my own, it’s so nice to have your own photos up on the wall! Especially if you have a nice camera.

  4. I would use a family picture of us I am yet to hang up a picture in our new house living room and i think it would be a lovely feature!

  5. I’d use one of my own photographs, I have so many, and would love to have one of the better ones on my wall.

  6. I’d use a photo I’ve got of my two girls, it’s a lovely photo and I’ve wanted it canvased for a while but haven’t got round to doing it

  7. I would love to use a family photo – we do not have any large family photos on our wall so it would be nice to have one

  8. I’d like to use my own – or my mother’s. She’s an amateur photographer and it would be lovely to display some of her work

  9. I would use my own photo, we eventually managed to take a photograph of all four of our grandchildren at Christmas, It is perfect, a natural shot and in focus!

  10. I would choose one of the many beautiful landscape pictures they have on offer,I love landscape scenes on my walls.

  11. I’d definitely use one of our own pictures! I’ve taken loads of my son since he was born (he’s 3 now!) but I’ve been a bit rubbish about doing anything with them or getting them printed. So this would be lovely, please… the only tricky bit will be finding our favourite shot…..

  12. one of my own photos, I think I would take one especially! of Myself, my Partner and daughter having fun, makes it really special then

  13. I have a gorgeous photo that was taken when my girls were flower girls at my best friends wedding last September. I would love to have that done

  14. I have a few canvas images and would love to see how these ones shape up. I even have a few specific prints in mind.

  15. After 13 years, we finally married this year and have some beautiful photographs so it would be special to pick one and have a canvas, many thanks

  16. I would probably choose one of the photos on photo wall as I love the landscape ones, if I was better at photography myself then I would have chosen one of my children.

  17. I’d use some of my own photos to create a collage to be printed on canvas. I have been meaning to get something with all three of my children together for a very long time!

  18. I would definately use one of my own as its more personal and you can use any photos you want that way…. thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win this

  19. I would use one of my own photos most like one from our holiday to lamzarote last year as we all look lovely and relaxed and tanned!

  20. I would use one of my own photographs – it would be a lovely opportunity to create something to treasure.

  21. I’ve so many beautiful pictures of my little twinnies i would love to display. , so I’d use one of my own photos. Thank you.

  22. I’d Love to make my own montage canvas with memories and family all woven together and have that printed to canvas on a deep box mount!

  23. I would use one of my own, I have four children so I take a lot of photos, it would be lovely to have one on the wall.

  24. I’d use one of my own photos, it would be great to have a nice photo of my children up on the wall that isn’t as school photo or a baby one.

  25. I’d use one of my own photos. I have a couple of photos of the children that I’ve meaning to put up for a while so this would be perfect!

  26. I would use my own image as I have one from summer 2017 that I want to get on canvas but there is always something else that takes priority with regards to money and it always gets put on a back burner.

  27. I would use a photo from all the family together at Christmas so it has more meaning to the canvas and it would remind me of how fun Christmas was too with all my family.

  28. My children are in their teens now, I’d love to use a picture of them together when they were younger

  29. I would use one of my own photos as I think it’s nice to have family pictures as they’re more personalised and meaningful

  30. I’d choose one of my own photos, of me and my partner for our wall, to make it more homely and personal.

  31. I have a beautiful photos of Wales, that my partner has taken. It would make a lovely gift for him.

  32. I would use one of the nature scenes from the website. I already have a canvas of my Grandchildren & one of all the family that are quite recent so it would be nice to have a lovely nature picture. I love flowers.

  33. I would use a photo of my family. I just simply don’t have enough photos of the family around the house! I really should have more photos of us .

  34. I’d use one of my favourite photos from my holiday to South Africa last year, such great memories.

  35. I would use one of my own pictures – I have some beautiful ones of our cats that I’d love to put up in the lounge xx

  36. I’d use one of my own photos as I love taking pictures of my children and like nothing better than putting my favourites up on display 🙂

  37. I would use one of my own photos as I’ve wanted a photo of my dog on display for a while and I think its more sentimental having your own pictures.

  38. I’d use one of my photos of my daughters and the cats – it’s not easy to get them all in the same place at the same time!

  39. I’d use one of my own i’m the same as you having photos from a few years ago on the wall – i have some great ones that i’d love to see on display

  40. i would use a picture of my grand daughter who is a cheeky 2 year old but i have many nice photos of her that i would love to display in my home this is a fab giveaway thank you for the chance and im keeping my fingers crossed for this one but wish good luck to everyone.

  41. I think I would choose a design from the website, there is loads of awesome prints! I’d love something for my sons room, maybe a Star Wars canvas x

  42. My own photo – it would be wonderful to put up a big canvas over our bed of one of trips away together!

  43. I have so many lovely pictures of our time in Australia that i would have one made into a canvas

  44. I have a canvas made of a picture my boyfriend took while we were on holiday travelling through the Norwegian fjords. It’d be a lovely reminder of the adventure we had together, and the fjords are stunning,

  45. I think I’d use one of my own photos to have a nice canvas done of Solei, my first dog – he’s very special, has seen me through a lot of turbulent times and many changes and he’s now 13.5 so I’m acutely aware our time together is running out and it would be lovely to have something like this to remember him

  46. I would use one of my own photographs and we had a very special gathering in Cornwall last weekend with all the family (3 generations) and have a lovely picture of us all there so that would be very suitable.

  47. I would use one of my own, I’ve been desperate to get a nice photo of my 3 with all their cousins and now I finally have the perfect one, would love it on a canvas print

  48. I’d use one of my own – I’m currently pregnant so I’d want to have one of the new baby when he or she arrives!

  49. I would use one of the beautiful photos my father-in-law has taken of my daughter. He’s a very talented amateur photographer and I would love to have a canvas of my daughter on our bedroom wall.

  50. My own picture of my children, I keep taking them, but haven’t got round to printing any out as I never seem to have time

  51. Id use a pic of myself and my 3 eldest children..we don’t get many pics together now that they are teenagers. . Thanks for the chance

  52. I would choose one of mine as I have a fab photo of our 12 year old daughter danging on stage in her first professional Pantomine n December and i would love that to take pride of place in our lounge!

  53. I would definitely use one of my own photos but I have so many pictures of my beautiful family that I don’t know which I’d choose

  54. I would use one of my own pictures. I would give it to my mum as I know she would love a family photo like that in the living room xx

  55. I’d use a photo of us and our kids and our cats so that when one of us is missing we are always still at home

  56. I would use one off of the site, there are some stunning images on there. Amazing giveaway fingers crossed 🙂

  57. I’d use one of my own – it is so much more personal and I have so many happy memories I’d love to preserve forever

  58. I’d use one of my own, it’s something that would have huge sentimental value due to that, is personal and would have me wanting to look at it throughout the day everyday.

  59. I have some amazing photos of glaciers from when I was lucky enough to take my dream trip to Patagonia so I would use one of those as a permanent reminder!

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