Friends and Liars

Friends and Liars – a book review

It’s no secret that I’m a total bookworm.  I always have a stack of books waiting to be read on my bedside table.  I can remember, pre-motherhood, that holiday time meant packing numerous books to read whilst relaxing abroad. These days, with a 7 year old, chill out time on holiday is a rarity.  But visiting family in Spain recently gave me some valuable time to truly switch off and open a good book.  I’ve got a couple to share with you this summer, the first being Friends and Liars, the debut novel from Kaela Coble.

Friends and Liars

Published through Corvus Books on 1st June, I was riveted to Friends and Liars from the start.

Ruby left Chatwick ten years ago and headed off to University in New York without a backwards glance.  Not once has she returned, until she receives a call telling her that one of her oldest childhood friends has died.

Ruby reluctantly returns to her childhood home and the friends she abandoned years before.  She was part of The Crew, along with Danny, who has committed suicide, Murphy, Emmet and Ally.  They spent all their time together, swore to look out for each other forever and to always be honest with one another.

Ten years have passed, Ally is with Aaron, Emmet is getting married to Steph, and Murphy, Ruby’s best friend is still drifting along.  Danny was the bad boy of the group, the one who got into trouble at school and then with drugs, the one who killed himself, the one who calls his friends back together from beyond the grave.  His mother finds letters addressed to each member of The Crew.  A letter which will reveal a secret that each of them has kept from the others.

As Friends and Liars unfold, each chapter is told from the viewpoint of a different character, sometimes telling their story from the past, sometimes from the present.  As you turn each page, the characters really come alive as you watch their flaws become exposed.  You learn why Ruby was so eager to leave Chatwick and never return, why Emmet and Ally are the way they are, but most of all, you learn about Danny and his secret.  If his past had been different, if more people had been aware of his secret then maybe his life would have taken a happier turn.

Friends and Liars is a poignant read, happy and sad in equal measure as you follow each character as them confront their past so that they can move on with their futures.  It’s a book I’ve really enjoyed reading, and I’ll be on the lookout for the authors next book in the future.

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