Gee Whizz from Drumond Park

Gee Whizz – review and giveaway

Monkey does like to put on a magic show every once in a while.  You may have seen his performance on Instagram some time back.  When I visited Toy Fair back in January 2015 I got to see Gee Whizz being demoed on the Drumond Park stand, I knew that this would be an instant hit with Monkey the Magician.

Gee Whizz from Drumond Park

The Gee Whizz Magic set is aimed at children aged 5 years and over and there are a couple of things that I especially love about this set.  The component parts of each trick are of a size that little hands can manoeuvre them easily and the instructions booklet uses clear diagrams and writing that can be read without the need for a magnifying glass.  We’ve got a couple of magic sets from other brands, where it’s almost impossible for an adult to read the instructions, let alone the child, and then the trick pieces are just too small for a youngster to perform with easily.  This set really is rather ace in my opinion.

Magic set

The Gee Whizz set contains 15 different tricks which Monkey the Magician picked up really easily and could perform by himself with little or no assistance from his assistant.

Gee Whizz tricks

He has always wanted a proper Magician’s Wand so he was thrilled when he realised that one was included with this set, even more so once he’d learnt the trick that goes with it.

Drumond Park Magicians Wand

We surprised Daddy P with the Magic Flower Wand trick, it’s really rather clever.  You hide the flower inside the wand before you start the trick, tap the wand inside the flower-pot provided and out pops your flower.  Monkey loves this trick and it’s really easy for kids to work themselves with a great magic result.

Magic Flower Wand Trick

The optical illusions have also been well received by my Young Magician, the Magical Firework Glasses are rather cool and give an instant surprise to the wearer.  You can also spin various discs on a spinning top and see the patterns merge.

Magical Firework Glasses

There are shadow cards which took me back to my own childhood, as my Dad was great at creating animals on the walls to entertain my brother and I at bedtime.  The cards show children exactly how to place their hands to create a number of different animals.

There are some classic tricks included in Gee Whizz too – the thread moving through a coin that magical changes colour as you pull it from one side to the other and the Zig Zag Rope, where you can split it in two but still pull it from side to side.

Another Monkey the Magician favourite has been the Coin Saucer, where coins appear from nowhere!  It’s magic after all.

Priced at £19.99 Monkey and I have both been impressed with Gee Whizz and can thoroughly recommend it to any young budding Magician.

For information of this and other games, along with stockist information please visit the Drumond Park website.

disclaimer:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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Gee Whizz Magic set worth £19.99

139 thoughts on “Gee Whizz – review and giveaway

  1. I like Dynamo. My favourite is when someone disappears from one place to another completely different

  2. I grew up loving Paul daniels so I will say him! I always love to seee a rabbit jump out of a hat! I wish i could do that!

  3. Dynamo, but i like the simple old school tricks aswell with doves from behind the ear etc x

  4. Its got to be Paul Daniels, I grew up with him. Love the card tricks. Would love to know how they do it.

  5. I’d say Darren brown! I know he does more mind stuff but he is amazing. My son would love to win this! Thank you xx

  6. I like Dynamo too. My favourite trick was some old footage of A Frenchman appearing a bird cage out of nowhere.

  7. love dynamo
    love anything that involves animals especially birds, like when they make one into 2

  8. Dynamo’s pretty amazing. I can’t figure out any of his tricks – the one where he walked on water probably sticks in my mind the most.

  9. My favourite is Dynamo now. But I used to love Paul Daniels when I was younger…. 🙂 I love all of Dynamo’s tricks… he astounds me!

  10. I am amazed by dynamo, fave magic trick he does is when a card is stuck in the window of a shop after he throws it

  11. Favourite magician is Wizardy Woo and favourite trick is the coin behind the ear. Classics.

  12. being a 70’s kid, I grew up with Paul Daniels as the main magician, looking back now he’s quite funny in some of the tricks he did, compare to the likes of Dynamo now though and WOW they just blow your mind.

    good old card tricks are fun, but walking on water is the best.

  13. I don’t have a favorite but I do like Dynamo. I like how he can make things appear from no where 🙂

  14. As a kid I mainly remember watching Paul Daniels, These days I think there are some more modern and really impressive ones like dynamo or david blaine – anyone like that I find quite fasincinating!

  15. I was on holiday in Austria and the hotel had a magician there who got me up on stage to help with his “chopping my finger/cucumber trick” I was terrified!

  16. David Nixon. I was in awe as a young child of how he made a fairy appear on his piano.

  17. I really like Dynamo. I think my favourites are tricks involving “smashing” mobiles and watches.

  18. my kids had a teacher at their school who was a magic circle member and did all sorts of tricks with the kids. Great fun – especially a trick he did with setting light to a tissue (out of nowhere)

  19. i love david copperfield – i went to Vegas on my honeymoon in 2012, he was doing a show at the MGM where we were staying – we were on the 2nd row and he made a motorbike dissapear, about 12 feet from me!!! absolutely amazing !!!

  20. paul daniels. brings back memories of my childhood watching him and debbie mcgee. I got a paul daniels magic set for my 10th and I can still remember how excited i was. proper tom boy

  21. Dynamo and his ‘trick’ of walking on water across the Thames…it’s one of those you just can’t for the life of you believe what you are actually seeing?

  22. Favourite magician is David Copperfield and my favourite type of trick is when they are tied up tightly and escape somehow when put in water, I always wonder how they manage and there’s a real sense of danger

  23. Dynamo! I love his card tricks but also when he can lay right back without falling looks magic!

  24. My favourite magician is Dynamo nut my favourite magic trick has always been houdinis water tourture tank

  25. Dynamo for me – I watched a programme where he pushed a coin right through someones hand – unreal!

  26. Dynamo for sure come on he can walk over water that beats Paul Daniels chopping people in half which was what got me into watching magic shows

  27. I’m old school my fave magician is paul daniels and my fave magic trick is pulling a rabbit out of a hat!!

  28. i love dynamo as i love all card tricks, always spend ages working out how theyre done and failing too x

  29. Dynamo is amazing! Especially when he does the levitation thing,plus hes from the same town as me!

  30. Derren Brown – when he helped people win money at the dogs race track, by convincing the teller that losing tickets were actually winners.

  31. We did watch Paul Daniels when I was a kid – I like the more fun tricks, and I don’t remember the trick, but I remember the time when the little girl he pulled from the audience was called Blue – the conversations between him and the girl was so precious 🙂

  32. I love half-watching Penn and Teller, but sometimes their tricks can be a bit potentially gory!

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