Getting creative with the Bunchems! Bunchbot

Getting creative with the Bunchems! BunchBot

You may recall that reviewed one of the Bunchems! sets late last year.  It was a big hit with my son and I knew the idea of making some new wonderful 3D creations would go down well.  Monkey’s been getting creative with the Bunchems! BunchBot and he’s had lots of fun.

Getting creative with the Bunchems! Bunchbot

The Bunchems! BunchBot from Spin Master UK is aimed at children aged 6 years and over, and comes with a BunchBot, extractor tool, 300 Bunchems in 8 different colours, 8 different eye accessories and a design instruction booklet.

Getting creative with the Bunchems! BunchBot gives you the opportunity to layer your 3D designs with the clever BunchBot to add a different dimension to these fun craft items.

Pull the tray out of the Bunchbot, and layer the Bunchems! as shown in the booklet for each creation.  The Bunchems! pieces have a whole on one side which you place on top of the prongs as per the leaflet. When you’ve put the correct pieces on the tray, you push the tray into the BunchBot and press the top of the BunchBot down using the handles, release, and pull out the tray.  The Bunchems! will now be inside the Bunchbot.  You continue this process for each layer of the item you’re making.

As you layer up the Bunchems! they magically start to appear coming out of the top of the BunchBot.  My son was totally fascinated by this and couldn’t quite figure out what would happen when he’d finished getting creative with the Bunchems! BunchBot.

When you’ve added all of the layers required, remove the top of the Bunchbot, complete with your creation. Pull the tray out and place the extractor tool on top of it, and slide back into the Bunchbot.  Put the top of the Bunchbot on top, and push down, and your creation will pop out of the top.

We did find that the first couple of times that my 7 year old son used the Bunchems! BunchBot, that a couple of the prongs on the extractor tool bent as he pushed the top of the lid down.  I had to push a couple of the Bunchems! that had got stuck out manually with my finger.

Getting creative with the Bunchems! BunchBot

I have managed to straighten these prongs out and we’ve not had a problem since, so I would suggest that they could do with being of a slightly more rigid design.  I’ve checked with others who have this product and they’ve had no issues though.

Anyway, my son was eager to add the finishing touches to his creation and I think you can tell how happy he is about getting creative with the Bunchems! BunchBot.

Ideally we’d like to see more suggestions of different creations to make using the Bunchems! BunchBot on-line, and my son is going to be trying to make some of his own designs in the weeks ahead.

Priced at £29.99 my son has really enjoyed the concept of the Bunchems! BunchBot.  He’s had to follow instructions, use his observation skills and has learnt about making 3D models.  It’s been a hit with him.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your information.

disclosure:  we were given the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.  Bunchems! are not a hair accessory and should be kept away from hair at all times.

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