Getting creative with Magformers

Getting creative with Magformers

As you know I’m always on the look out for new ideas for Monkey, and to share with you all.  Last month I was flicking through the pages of Toy News when something caught my eye.  Something I knew would be an instant hit here.  We’ve been getting creative with Magformers and been having a lot of fun in the process!

Getting creative with Magformers

So what are website?  Well the US brand has recently set up an office on this side of the pond offering a great range of intelligent magnetic construction sets and we are certainly hooked.  If you happen to be in London over the summer holidays I’ve heard that they will have a promo stand in Hamleys – so go take a look and have a play!

If you can’t wait that long then read on and I will share some of our fun with you.  We received the WOW Set which contains 16 pieces of Magformers – in squares, triangles and two-wheeled bases, along with instruction cards to create 20 different mini cars, 8 3D structures as well as 11 play patterns.

Monkey was there like a shot as soon as the box was opened.  What is it? What does it do? Can we make a combine harvester?

Getting creative with Magformers

Well let’s try some basic things before we start trying to make a combine shall we?  Uum, I want to make this one Mummy, and he was off.

Getting creative with Magformers

Getting creative with Magformers, and he was totally absorbed.

Getting creative with Magformers

He quickly figured out where the magnets were on each piece and how to make the pieces ‘stick’ together.  He didn’t always match the colours on the instructions, but it’s nice to be different, but he got the shapes sorted.

Getting creative with Magformers

From making vehicles to making 3D shapes, he has been transfixed.

The little man who sits in one of the pieces has provided lots of entertainment and was a big hit with Monkey.

Getting creative with Magformers

The whole concept of Magformers has been a big hit here, Monkey really loves this set. Can you tell?

It wasn’t long before he was creating his own vehicles and of course the combine harvester was first to be made.

Getting creative with Magformers

Getting creative with Magformers has been lots of fun, this particular set is available for £29.99 on the Magformers website.  There is so much scope for play potential with this set and there are a whole host of sets that you can add to, as well as separate shapes for more inventions.

I have a feeling that the Magformers XL Cruiser Construction Set may well end up on Monkey’s birthday present wish list later in the year, when he sees the proper combine harvester that can be constructed!

We thoroughly recommend the WOW Set, the components are well made, the possibilities are endless and it’s been very peaceful here since the set arrived.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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