Getting creative with Plus Plus day one – AD sent for review

Disclosure:  we were supplied this item for the production of a previous post, however, our views still remain our own, honest thoughts.

We recently talked about how times are changing with regards to how we buy things for and with our children. As part of that post, we were lucky enough to be able to order some Plus Plus from The Toadstool and look what arrived today …..

Plus Plus

What is Plus Plus I hear you shout out at your computer screens!  Well, they are little shapes of ++ in different colours that children aged 3-12 years (and lots of Mum’s and Dad’s of varying ages) can make all sorts of wonderful creations with.  I think there is a wide appeal to girls as well as boys, and this Mummy in particular has been waiting to get her hands on some for a little while now!  The parts are made from plastic but are free of phthalates and PVC.  There are a couple of different sizes; we picked the MINI which are 20mm big (so not something you’d really want around a baby – just something to bear in mind).

I contained my excitement and didn’t open the parcel before my son (aged 3 and a half nearly) came home from pre-school. He got stuck in straight away and grasped the idea of what he needed to do to construct something.  He was busy making monsters and Mummy made him a Red Arrows aeroplane …… not bad for a first attempt 🙂

Plus Plus creations

We bought the pack with 200 pieces priced at £9.50 from The Toadstool’s Plus Plus selection.  I think this is great value for money, you can make loads of different things with this amount of pieces.  There are different pack sizes and colour options available.

However, as he advised me earlier that he wants Mum to build him a combine harvester (this is likely to be beyond my artistic capabilities!) I’m pretty sure that we will be purchasing the 650 pieces pack sometime soon to make some monster machines:)

Plus Plus fun

This was only day one of our play with Plus Plus, so we’ll keep you posted as we develop our designs.  The Grand Prix is on this weekend so I’ll be taking particular note of aerodynamics for future creations!



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