Getting to grips with Roblox #ROBLOXToys

Getting to grips with Roblox #ROBLOXToys

I have to be honest, until I received an email recently I’d never heard of Roblox, but as soon as my son saw a delivery arrive last week he knew exactly what it was all about.  That’s school for you!  We’ve been getting to grips with Roblox, or more precisely, some of the Roblox series 1 toys which have recently been released.

Getting to grips with Roblox

We received the game pack, Work at a Pizza Place (RRP £12.99), which is perfect for my pizza loving 7-year-old Monkey son!  It comes with two Roblox figures, a pizza delivery scooter and 3 pizza boxes.

The legs, arms and heads of the characters are moveable and their hats come off. They can hold the pizza boxes and the three boxes all slide into the back of the delivery scooter.  The scooter can also stay upright on its stand or it can go out on delivery, as the wheels move.

There are 40 Roblox series 1 figures to collect and Monkey has started his collection with Mr Bling Bling core pack (RRP 6.99). He comes with a flashy top hat, gold chain and his dollar walking stick.

Getting to grips with Roblox

Getting to grips with Roblox and the series 1 toys has seen us also receive a blind box (RRP £3.99).  We received Mr Robot who comes with a removable cardboard box disguise.

Getting to grips with Roblox

The toys are aimed at children aged 6 years and over and it’s possible to remove their various body parts and mix and match them between characters.  Although I have a very ‘black and white’ son with this kind of thing, and I can’t see any mix or matching going on here.

We’re not a gaming household and although Monkey has heard of the Roblox game, he hasn’t played it.  That really hasn’t mattered, as the Roblox series 1 toys work well as stand alone items. But if you have children who are collecting these toys and do play the game, it’s worth knowing that every pack comes with an exclusive virtual item which can be redeemed within the game environment.

Let’s just say that we’ve had a lot of pizza deliveries since these toys arrived!

I can see these figures working really well in stop motion animation, and I think if we get some free time over the Easter holidays we might try making our own little movie.  We’ll see how that goes.

You can find out more about Roblox and the Series 1 toys over at Jazwares, and I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate links below if you fancy building up your collection.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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  1. My girls both play Roblox on the computer and already have these toys on their birthday lists….I think they might actually love Roblox just as much as they love Minecraft. Eek!

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