getting organised with Viking

Getting organised with Viking

Getting organised with Viking

I have many faults, yes I will readily admit that.  I am far from perfect.  One fault that really grates with my OCD husband is that I’m not particularly tidy.  Shock horror.  I’m one of those classic ‘I know exactly where everything is but I do know it’s a bit of a mess’ people.  Ask my friends, I’m the organiser, I get everyone to where they should be, I have a diary that I do actually use, and I’m never late (unless Daddy P is with me).  But desk space has never been my shining light.  So I’m getting organised with Viking.

getting organised with VikingWhen I worked, I did like to spread out a bit.  I certainly could never be classed as having an empty desk.  One of my first office jobs had a clear desk policy, at the end of the day I’d clear my desk into my top drawer, and in the morning it would all come out again.  A pointless exercise in my opinion.

Anyway, I currently do my blogging work from our Dining table, not ideal, as it’s in our Living Room.  My paperwork has tended to spread out on one of the worktops in the kitchen.  It is time to sort myself out.  The spare room is soon to become my little domain.  I need to invest in a new computer desk for a starting point.  But once I have that, I am getting organised with Viking and I’ll have no excuses not to keep my space tidy.

I know of Viking from my previous working life.  They supply a vast array of office supplies, offer a fast and efficient service and these days they offer workwear too.

I love this range of Office Depot Mesh Desk Accessories – everything I need to keep me tidy.  From my new Filing shelves (which glide – little things!) to my new Magazine Racks ……

getting organised with Vikingto a matching Pencil cup and Waste bin ……

getting organised with Viking

All of these are available as a bundle deal from Viking at £19.99.  I think that’s a great price and they are nicely finished too.

Daddy P is rather relieved to see that I’m going to be getting organised with Viking.

I have a great HP printer that I’ve had for years. It was linked up to my PC and since that died some months ago I’ve not been able to print or scan.  But, sit down as this may scare you, I have actually figured out how to get my printer to work with the laptop.  Oh yes, this techno dinosaur figured it out all by herself, with only minimal cursing.  What this means is that I needed some new printer cartridges and here again Viking came to my rescue.

getting organised with Viking

So, now I just need to clear the clutter in the spare room, get my desk sorted and I’m there.  My own little space, organised with the help of Viking.  I might just need a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign for the door – what do you think?  Did you notice the biscuits?  Yes, Viking sell those too!!

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review.



4 thoughts on “Getting organised with Viking

  1. We have hot desks at work which is great. I’ve been there almost 18 months, and I have no in tray, limited paper work – one insert folder which is only half full, and could probably be emptied, and a small shoe box size box for stationery, laptop cable, gum, sellotape etc. Love it.

    But home, I have papers in 3 different places (I’m going to have my mum’s old filing cabinet, but am a bit concerned as the utility room needs clearing out first and R despairs at the mess…not helped by a toddler and not enough storage space. I’m definitely going to have to blitz the place and get rid of anything that’s not been used in 6 months and get some decent storage in. Oh, and my printer doesn’t work either – I used to share one with the in laws – I bought it, and it lives in the office at the farm. But then they bought me one – not as good – and I think it’s now just got so dusty because it sits in a corner on the floor, so it’s a big fail.

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