Getting spick and span with the Gtech Multi

Getting spick and span with the Gtech Multi

Over the summer holidays I’ve been guilty of neglecting the domestic side of life.  The duster might just have felt a tad redundant.  Now Monkey’s back at school I really need to turn my attention back to the house a little more and give it some tlc.  Something arrived a few weeks ago that has been a godsend and I’ve been getting spick and span with the Gtech Multi.


You may recall that we have the Gtech AirRam K9 which we still love, but it doesn’t come with attachments which makes some jobs really tricky. Well I shall be getting spick and span with the Gtech Multi as it’s the perfect hand-held cleaner, enabling me to get into all the tricky areas around the house.

Getting spick and span with the Gtech Multi

The Gtech Multi is the perfect companion for our AirRam, and having used it for a couple of weeks now, I just love it. It comes with a number of attachments – dusting brush, extension tube, power brush, internal extension hose and a crevice tool which slots into a space at the bottom of the main vacuum cleaner.

To check the battery power on the Gtech Multi, turn it on (the on/off button is just above the handle) and if it’s fully charged, 4 green bars will be visible. When the battery needs recharging a single green bar light will flash. You will need 4 hours to fully recharge the batteries, but if you need to clean in a rush, an hour’s boost will help.  Once fully charged you have 20 minutes of continual use available. When the machine arrived it had 2 bars on the battery light so you could get cleaning straight away.

Getting spick and span with the Gtech Multi

I think a trigger switch would work really well with the Gtech Multi.  I have found I’ve accidentally turned it off a number of times with the power switch positioned where it is.

Getting spick and span with the Gtech Multi

From vacuuming the stairs and getting right into the corners, to clearing the cobwebs in hard to reach places, I’ve been really impressed with how easy the Gtech Multi is to use, and the results I’ve been getting.  At 1.6kgs, it’s a little heavier than I’d expected and I do have to swap hands when I’m reaching up to vacuum above head height.  But in general, it’s easy to use and is now a constant companion.

My house can be a bit dark at the best of times but the Gtech Multi has that covered to, with its integral lights.  It’s so handy for tackling difficult to reach spots on the stairs, between cupboards and around skirting boards.

Getting spick and span with the Gtech Multi

I’ve made use of all the attachments over the last few weeks. Most fit into directly into the main body of the vacuum cleaner.

With the power brush you remove the standard nozzle from the main body by pulling the green holding ring.  Then attach the power brush and push back until the green locking ring clicks into place.  I did struggle to remove the power brush the first time I used it, but it was just a little stiff, and after a few uses I’m able to change it easily.

As I mentioned earlier, the crevice tool fits into the man body of the Gtech Multi, but you do have to store the other attachments separately.

My job for this week is to attack my car which is in a truly disgraceful state after the summer holidays.  I just know that I’ll be getting spick and span with the Gtech Multi and my car will look so much better for it.  My house certainly does.

When you’ve finished cleaning it’s time to empty the bin, as it’s clear, you can see exactly how much rubbish you’ve been collecting as you go.  The bin is pulled out by wiggling it, rather than unclipping, which does feel a little strange to start with.  You hold it over the bin and release the latch to empty the contents.

Remove the filter and tap too, before replacing.  The filter can be cleaned by washing under the tap if needed (just make sure it’s totally dry before using the Gtech Multi again). Push the bin with filter back into the body of the unit until it clicks into place.

We’ve been really impressed with the Gtech Multi, it’s a great accompaniment to our Gtech AirRam and I love the flexibility it gives me.  I’m finally going to be able to give my car the home valet experience too.

Priced at £149.00, you can get it at a reduced price if you order with the Gtech AirRam and we are converted to both.  For more information on all the products within the Gtech range, pop over to their website.

disclosure:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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  1. I’ve read a few reviews and it does look really good. We need something like this as E has reached the stage of flinging food about from his highchair and it’s hard work getting the big Hoover out!

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