Giant Railway and Station

Giant Railway and Station – review and giveaway

When I visited Toy Fair in London last month I was eager to catch up with Orchard Toys and see what they’d be adding to their ranges in 2016.  It didn’t take me long to get rather excited, as soon as I saw the Giant Railway and Station sets, I could already envisage them out in our living room.  I knew Monkey, my little train fanatic, would just love them.  I wasn’t wrong.

Giant Railway and Station sets from Orchard Toys

The Giant Railway set comes with 22 interchangeable floor puzzle pieces and 4 play pieces with stands.

Orchard Toys Giant Railway

The box offers a few different track layout options, but the magic of this type of set is that there is no right or wrong design, it’s totally in the hand of your track engineer.  There are end of the line buffers, 2 stations, as well as lots of track sections.

Giant Railway puzzle pieces

This set works well as a stand alone floor jigsaw, or you can add in the Station set (featured below), or with the 2 level crossing sections included, you can add-on to the Giant Road, Town and Farm sets, that we’ve previously reviewed.

There is also a new Airport set, which can also be added to the play scenario.

Giant Railway and Station

As with all Orchard Toys products the quality of the pieces always stands out.  Everything is made from good quality cardboard, that lasts and withstands play.

Giant Railway and Station

The graphics are bright and engaging, offering plenty of opportunity for looking at different characters and working on story scenarios.

Giant Railway and Station

The floor puzzle pieces are suitable for children aged 3 years and over to piece together, and a 6 year old Monkey is as engaged with this series of floor puzzles as he was when he first received the Road and Town sets back in early 2014.

Giant Railway from Orchard Toys

Priced at £13.95 the Giant Railway has been a big hit here.  Monkey is less bothered about using the play pieces that come with the set, and would rather use his own trains, whether that be Trackmaster or Wooden to ride along the rails.  Stopping to pick up passengers and enjoying the views.

Station set from Orchard Toys

The Station set is an 8 piece expansion set which can be linked up to the Giant Railway and/or Giant Road set.  It featured a main station, buffers and level crossing sections with the lovely detailing you come to expect from Orchard Toys.

Orchard Toys Station floor puzzle

Giant Railway and Station

Priced at £7.50, the Station set is a great little add-on set to the range.  Both sets can be purchased directly from the Orchard Toys website, or from your local toy shop.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review


Giant Railway

We are so impressed with the new Orchard Toys Giant Railway, that we have one available to giveaway to you, my readers! Just complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.


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The giveaway will close on 13th March 2016 at midnight.

Giant Railway set from Orchard Toys

221 thoughts on “Giant Railway and Station – review and giveaway

  1. Ivor the Engine – to remind me of my childhood favourite toot toot train! I love the old fashioned steam trains far more than the modern hightech train! Take me on a slow countryside journey any day!

  2. I would call the train ‘Puffy’ and it would be a nice old passenger steam train that tours the countryside, stopping at different counties having adventures synonymous with that county.

  3. Casey Jones after a TV show I saw as a child. The Train Driver was called Casey Jones, he wore a cap. I think the theme song was Casey Jones, he drives the Cannonball Express.

  4. I would name it Gary, it’s a name that’s dying out apparently so I could immortalize it in the naming of the train.

  5. I like trains with old fashioned names like the ones in Thomas (Percy is the best train name imo) so I will go with something like Walter

  6. If you could name a train what would you call it and why? . . . . . . Jake’s Express . . . .. ‘cos Jake would love it

  7. I would call my train the Pamper Express because it would have beauticians on board to pamper you for free while you travel.

  8. Chase – because it will be very fast and all the other trains will have to “Chase” it to catch up

  9. Id call It the lollypop express, because it would be filled with candy and my nickname is lollypop haha 🙂

  10. The Dukestar Express, my train mad son called his most precious toy train this so it would be perfect for a real one.

  11. I’d name my train ‘Ontime’ because whatever you say about it, it could always claim to be ‘Ontime’! 😉

  12. the Plodder! Because that’s what I do these days, just plod on, despite days where I want to scream!

  13. I would call a train after my son and his favourite type of train. Dylan The Diesel Engine He would love it!

  14. hmmmn I do love something that really gets my brain working. Id go for the attain train…you will reach your destination in the end…after a bit of a detour (procrastination)

  15. The O’Connor Thunderbird Express – just because it makes our family name sound ace!

  16. I’d call it Lady Penelope after my best friend’s little girl who has just been born.

  17. The West Moors Express because we own a piece of land in West Moors which used to be a railway line before it closed.

    1. I think that the letter “i” is not coming out on any of these comments! This is it!

  18. You need to make your message read without the lower case letter “I” because that particular letter does not come out on the comments and they all look so funny!

  19. i would name is elisabetania,when my daughter was younger she had an imaginary country called elisabetania !

  20. Mad Mad Mad Madam Mim- because it is from my fave kids film, and it just sounds nice to say!

  21. I would call it the Nutz Express as that’s my nickname and I think it has a certain ring to it +we’re all nutz in my home x

  22. I would call it Hurricane Harley because it would arrive like a hurricane and Harley after my grandson xx

  23. I would call it Peter – trains remind me of Thomas The Tank Engine, Thomas The Tank reminds me of My Grandad who I used to watch it with every afternoon…I must have been only about 3 but have vivid memories of it, he passed away unexpectedly last year and he is Peter ☺

  24. The Rock n Roll Express. We are all huge music fans in our house, even Phoenix and Maxx 🙂

  25. stu the choo choo. the boys have a toy train and they call it that so they’d love a real train called it.

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