Giant Road Jigsaw

Giant Road Jigsaw – a review

Giant Road JigsawI have previously reviewed the On the Farm and Giant Town Jigsaw sets and today I will be looking at the Giant Road Jigsaw from Orchard Toys.  This particular jigsaw, can be used as a stand alone floor puzzle, or it can link with either or both of the other sets.

Giant Road Jigsaw Giant Road Jigsaw

The Giant Road Jigsaw is a lovely floor puzzle for children of 3 years and over.  As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews the detail with Orchard Toys products is always of a really high standard. There are 20 pieces to this puzzle and the road building opportunities are endless.

Having a vehicle mad 4 year old Monkey, I knew he’d be in this box like a flash! A puzzle and a playmat – all in one box 🙂

Giant Road Jigsaw Giant Road Jigsaw

You can see that he already had his favourite tractor at the ready to test the track out!  Size and scale is never an issue in this house.

I love the fact that there is no set layout for this puzzle, Monkey is free to try out lots of ideas, some work, some not so well.  It’s all about exploration, patience and creativity.  Once he realised that the Giant Road Jigsaw was different from other puzzles, and that he could create his own layout, he was off.

When I explained to Monkey that he could actual join the Giant Road Jigsaw to his Giant Town and On the Farm sets, he was in heaven. Be warned, you will need a fair bit of space to achieve this!

Giant Road Jigsaw Giant Road Jigsaw Giant Road Jigsaw Giant Road Jigsaw

As he has the play pieces from the other two sets he can use them with the Giant Road Jigsaw, or use his cars and other vehicles.

As with other Orchard Toys products there is so much detail in this set, lots to discuss.  We talked about the lady sweeping away the litter that naughty people had dropped. Monkey hasn’t seen a Guide Dog before, but there is one on the jigsaw guiding a man along the path, so we talked about what a Guide Dog does.

As I also mentioned in my Giant Town Jigsaw review yesterday, we talked about road safety.  Now Monkey is madly scootering and has a bike, road safety has been a hot topic.  It’s also being covered at Nursery School.  The Giant Road Jigsaw has Traffic Lights and Pedestrian Crossings, so we spoke again about when and how to cross roads safely.  It’s great to be able to put it into practice in a fun way.

For younger children, who might need guidance to put the Giant Town Jigsaw together, there are three suggested layout options on the back of the box.

Priced at £13.95 the Giant Road Jigsaw gets the big thumbs up here – it’s a hit.

disclaimer:  we were sent this set in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Oh I love how that’s a jigsaw but can be used as a road! Love it when there’s an extra level of play, such a fun idea x

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